Share Info – July 21st

The Woods – our normal distribution spot – was busy with a private event so our weekly distribution relocated across the street. Big thanks to North Brooklyn Farms who lent us their beautiful space. (Super big thanks to Quinn & Carrie who really gave us a helping hand with set-up & clean-up) We got to enjoy a fabulous sunset in the shadow of the Domino Sugar Factory – super good stuff!! Thanks guys!!

Below is the list of what we got:

MimoMex veg
2 beets
1 pound potatoes
2 leeks
1 bunch kale
1 bunch scallions
1 bunch collard greens
1 bunch papalo
2 bulbs garlic
1 bunch of herbs: choose from basil, camomile, stevia and oregano

Double New York sOrchard
3 pounds of peaches
3 pounds of plums

Greig Farm Berry Share
1 bucket blueberries

Northwind Farm Meat Share
whole turkey
pork chops
split chicken breast

Yellow Bell Chicken Share
1 chicken

Yellow Bell Egg Share
1 dozen eggs








July, 7, 2014 B Week

MimoMex Farm Share
– Herbs: (1 bunch (choose one: basil, mint, sage, chamomile, rosemary

– pearl onions (1 bunch)

- red onions (2 pieces)


- white onions (2 pieces)


- beets (3 pieces)


- kale (1 bunch)


- zucchini (2 lbs)


- radish (1 bunch)


- cilantro (1 bunch)


Egg share
– 1 dozen eggs


Meat Share
– 1 porter house steak
– 2 turkey drumsticks
– pork sausage
– hot Italian sausage

Orchard share
Note: There was a schedule mixup and there is no orchard this week. This will also be balanced out in later weeks.

Berry Share
– 1 qt blueberries
Note: There was an early mixup, and some people took 1 tray (4 quarts) instead of 1 quart, leaving some late comers berry-less. This will be evened out in later

June 30 – Week A Shares

MimoMex Vegetable

-1 bag Zucchini Blossoms
-1 bunch Mizuna
-1 lb Salad Mix
-1 bunch Swiss Chard
-1 lb Sweet Peas
-3 Red onions
-4 pieces Garlic
-2 White Onion
bonus garlic scapes

Greig Berry

-3 Qts Strawberries
-1pint Blueberries
-12 ounces Sweet Peas

NY Orchard
-2lb CHerries

Yellow Bell Egg
– 1 dozen Egg

Yellow Bell Chicken
– 1 Chicken

Northwind Farm Meat
– Bockwurst
-1package Guinea Hens
-Short Ribs
-Lamb Rib Chops










For Sale – Packages/Shares for under $500-ish

Veggies behind the Woods

Think you can’t afford to eat local — Think again!

Southside CSA has many smaller sized packages and with grocery prices set to go up because of the drought, eating local has never been more positive for your health and your bank account.

  • Half Orchard – $132 + admin ($12 per week)
  • Half Berry – $237.50 + admin (weekly value fluctuates – averages to $20 per week)
  • Full Orchard-  $264 + admin ($12 per week)
  • Half Share Vegetable  – $312 + admin fee ($24 per week)
  • Oh My Pie – Full Orchard + Full Egg  $378 + admin  ($18 per week)
  • Full Berry – $475 + admin (weekly value fluctuates – averages to $20 per week)
  • Full Veg -$600 + admin fee ($24 per week)

Payment Plans available –

Greig Farm (Mostly) Berry Share

Greig Farm (Mostly) Berry Share





Still Time to Sign Up!

Harvest - September 2012

Harvest – September 2012

Have no fear, there are still memberships available the 2014 Harvest season.


Right now we can pretty much create almost every type of share (within reason). As the CSA fills up there will be less flexibility in the packages offered. Lots of info on the blog about our shares, our packages, our farmers, and our CSA. Don’t forget to check out our great add-ons – Chicken Shares, Meat Shares, Maple Shares, and Beer Club Membership….
Harvest September 2012

Harvest September 2012

Upcoming Sign-Up Events – 

To make life easier, from here on out all sign-up events are open house style. No need to email and arrange a time. This way you can drop on in and not worry about schedules and we can concentrate on admin duties instead of email…

If you are having a hard time making these events work with your schedule, please let me know and we will see what we can work out.

Upcoming Open House Events:

  • Mon April 21 5-8pm
  • Wed April 23 6-8pm
  • Sat April 26 3-6pm
  • Mon April 28 630-830pm
  • Fri May 2 5-8pm

Sign-up events take place at Ryan + Yolim’s loft, 140 Metropolitan Ave. 1st Floor Residence Buzzer.

It is good to read the SIGN UP! tab for detailed information on the sign-up appointments. It starts with general pricing info, goes into the packages available, and then dives into payment and the volunteer requirement.

2014 Distribution

Every Monday from May 5th to November 24th

30 weeks in the backyard of the Woods

Holidays, Rain & Shine!

  • Circle C Maple Syrup Share is a one time distribution, typically the first or second week of distribution.
  • Greig Farm Share distributes 24 weeks. May 5 through October 13
  • Feather Ridge Farm Egg & Chicken Shares  May 5  through October 13
  • Northwind Farm Meat Share distributes 24 weeks. May 5 through October 13. A variety of packages from 4 weeks to 24 weeks available
  • MimoMex Vegetable Share distributes 25 weeks. June 9 through Nov 24
  • NY State Orchard Share distributes 22 weeks. June 30 through Nov 24
Harvest Aug 2012

Harvest Aug 2012




Package Spotlight – Oh My Pie!

peaches from orchard share. aug 2010

We organize the shares offered at Southside  CSA into packages. This helps us volunteers keep things organized while meeting our farmer’s sales needs. The earlier you sign up, the more likely you are to get whatever type of package your heart desires. We have crafted a big variety of packages — Full Share Packages & Mixed Full -Half Share Packages & Half Share Packages. We tried to make that list complete BUT if you don’t see the combo that fits your needs, let us know what you would like to purchase. At this point we can pretty much put together any type of combination.

Orchard Share - Aug 11, 2010

Orchard Share – Aug 11, 2010

Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs







This year we have designed the perfect share for those of you who love to support your local farmers but don’t really spend a lot of time cooking up dinners – the OH MY PIE! share. This baker’s combo of the NY Orchard Share & Egg share is the perfect union for those who like to bust out those peach pies, plum cobblers, and egg custards. Of course, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to rock the Oh MY PIE share. This is also a great purchase for those who like to start their days with a breakfast of local fruits and eggs. Purchase some of our Circle C Maple Syrup and you have the makings of the most perfect Sunday Brunch! Hello apple-cardomon pancakes smothered in maple syrup. Just imagine all the morning glory you can create with your share of local fruits and eggs…

Check out our upcoming events and sign up for the Southside CSA right away!

mimomex eggs, sunny!

local eggs, sunny!

My Oh My Pie!

My Oh My Pie!

NY Orchard Share

NY Orchard Share

2014 Season ON SALE NOW!

Distribution August 2013

Distribution August 2013

Now is the time to sign up for the 2014 Harvest season with the Southside CSA.  Very excited about the upcoming season which starts in May and runs until the Monday before Thanksgiving. We are partnered with 5 amazing farms, have a variety of packages for all types of households, and have the best distribution spot around — the backyard of the Woods.

Upcoming Sign-Up Events – 

The first 3 events are for returning members & new members who are paying in full. Email to set an appointment time.

  • Mon Feb 24th – Appointments available from 5-8pm
  • Wed Feb 26th – Appointments available from 5-8pm  CANCELLED
  • Saturday March 1st – Appointments available from 3-6pm  CANCELLED
  • Sun March 2nd: 12-130pm & 430-630pm.
Greig Farm (Mostly) Berry Share

Greig Farm (Mostly) Berry Share

The following sign-up events are open to everyone – new & returning members. Email to set an appointment time.

  • Tues March 4th – Appointments available from 5-8pm
  • Wed March 5th – Appointments available from 5-8pm
  • Sat March 8th – Appointments available from 3-6pm

Sign-up events for March 9-31st will be announced on March 6th.

All sign-up events take place at Ryan & Yolim’s loft, 140 Metropolitan Ave. 1st Floor Residence Buzzer. Please read the SIGN UP! tab for detailed information on the sign-up appointments.

MimoMex Vegetable Share Sept 2013

MimoMex Vegetable Share Sept 2013

Packages are listed here - Southside CSA Packages

Lots of information on the blog regarding the farmers, the CSA, and all the share types. Feel free to send us questions, but realize we are WAY busy with sign ups so check out the blog first because odds are the information is posted somewhere.

Local Fruit!

Local Fruit!

Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

The Greig Farm Share starts with asparagus in May...

The Greig Farm Share starts with asparagus in May…

...with lots of berries in the middle...

…with lots of berries in the middle…

...LOTS of BERRIES!!!...


...running through apples and pumpkins in October.

…running through apples and pumpkins in October.

Local Vegetables

Local Vegetables

Northwind Farm Meat Share

Northwind Farm Meat Share

Order local maple syrup

Order local maple syrup

Feather Ridge Chicken Share

Chicken Share

From local fields to Brooklyn kitchens

From local fields to Brooklyn kitchens

Orchard Share

Orchard Share

2014 Harvest Season!!

Stay tuned!!

In February we will launch our sign ups for the upcoming season…

share3 - pic by mark yearsley


Email to get on our mailing list for email updates

Iris Member Diary for Week of Nov 4th

IMG_126Veggie Share: Red potatoes, yellow onions, scallions, kale, popcorn on the cob, cilantro, acorn squash, butternut squash.

Orchard Share: One quart apple cider, apples




Our household stats: We are a family of four (two adults, a four-year old, and an infant) with a Week B half-share of both Veggie and Orchard. It takes us a full two weeks to use up all the produce. Sadly, Berry and Egg Share season is over. This week we enjoyed hearty meals featuring roasted potatoes, roasted butternut squash, apple crisp, hot apple cider, snake bites (IPA with cider!) and kale salad. Lots of kale salad. Continue reading

Veggie Monster Member Diary from Oct 28th Share Week

Share pic by katerina barry This week we got butternut squash, potatoes, red onions, carrots, kale, mustard greens, cilantro, parsley, popping corn, apple and apple cider.  We have a Full Monty share; We eat mostly vegan and usually have no problem getting through our fruit and vegetables each week.  This is our 5th year in the CSA, so by now there are very few surprises.  We have our favorite recipes for each vegetable that we return to each year.
Image02_SquashChickpeaCurryWith butternut squash, we pretty much always make a butternut squash and chickpea curry from Madhur Jaffrey’s wonderful “World Vegetarian” cookbook. Continue reading


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