Summer distribution takes place on Mondays from the the first Monday in May until the Monday beforeThanksgiving.

630-830pm in backyard of the Woods.

Rain, shine, holidays

The Woods ( located at – 48 South 4th st, between Wythe Ave & Kent Ave) has graciously hosted our distribution since the 2010. Our farmers set up in their gorgeous backyard. Our members enjoy picking up produce in a spacious & comfy outdoor area with access to a full bar and some of the best food in the hood!

The great pavilion in the backyard. For those rainy days…

Distribution starts at 6:30pm. Weekly volunteers arrive at 6pm, helping sort the crates of produce, labeling the share amounts, and generally getting everything organized.

Produce is divided by share type. There are separate stations for the veggies, berries, orchard fruit, eggs, and meat.

Look for a fellow member with the clip board next to each station. Please sign in before you grab any produce. Everything is listed under a Share Name which is your “password”. Guests are welcomed to pick up for you.

Bring bags! The produce will not be pre-bagged or boxed. Veggies and fruit will arrive in flats from which you will choose your produce. Each crate of produce will have a tag that will let you know what quantity to take. A bunch of this, a head of that, and a pound of this. Typically you will need 2-3 totes and a hand-full  of plastic bags. Some people bring tupperware to tote tomato, peach,  berry, and other fragile items

Distribution Workshifts…

Every share family takes a turn helping run a distribution.

These shifts start at 6 ending about 9pm.  and remain until the car to the Mission has been loaded.

How a typical shift rolls:

  • Arrive & Sign in
  • Set up the produce areas
  • Grab a drink and get ready to assist members
  • There are several jobs during distribution:
    • Check members off the list as they collect their produce
    • “Stock” produce & remove empty crates and damaged produce
    • Assist with weighed produce
  • Break down & clean (consolidate left overs & clean up the bar)
  • Load car with donation to Mission

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