Volunteers at a soup kitchen fundraiser.

This page contains information on  the volunteer commitment for members of the Southside CSA. It is general information for those interested in joining. (If you are a member looking for logistical information, please see Soup Kitchen tab or Distribution Logistics page)

Southside CSA is run by volunteers. Members are required to do 6 hours of volunteer work during the season to help run the show.  Signing up for membership implies a commitment to help be responsible to make this whole vegetable market in a bar thing run smoothly…

All share families complete 6 hours of volunteer service over the 7 months. The 6 hours of volunteer service are broken down into 2 areas:

–3 hours helping at distribution

–3 hours for the Southside CSA community

(Details about these shift areas is listed below…)

At your sign-up appointment, in addition to choosing your share packages and making a deposit, you will schedule your 2 volunteer “shifts”, penciling yourself into the volunteer calendars. We realize that it is hard to know your Summer & Fall schedules in February or March but we appreciate your ability to humor us and help us schedule things.  We send out email reminders the week before your shifts and are always willing to reschedule as your schedule shifts around.

Volunteers at a Distribution Shift


Building community through 3 volunteer hours in support of our csa, local initiatives, and a liveable city & sustainable neighborhoods

Members Alyssa & Mathieu Palambino’s cooking demo at Brooklyn Kitchen.

Every share family helps the CSA by volunteering for minor projects, like writing member diarys and other content for our blog, getting leftovers to the Southside Mission, helping distribution run smoother, or taking pictures during distribution, and updating the blog with weekly distribution information. These “shifts” help keep the CSA organized and effective.

At your sign-up appointment you will schedule your community shift.

Available shifts: 

  • Member Diary blog post- Write up how your group uses, divides, stores your share.
  • Man the Info Desk during a distribution. This involves selling swag and answering questions.
  • Photograph a distribution and post weekly share info on the blog
  • Volunteer at TASTE Williamsburg – 2014 event will most likely be a Sunday in mid-September
  • Work days at a local community garden
  • Drive (your car) filled with all the “leftovers” to our donation spot – The Southside Mission located at 280 Marcy in South Williamsburg

Distribution volunteers running the show

Volunteers driving the leftovers to the Southside Mission

Volunteers driving the leftovers to the Southside Mission


Controlling cost through group support of a family farm

Berry share check-in at distribution.

Every share family must complete one 3 hour distribution shift from 6-9pm. (Each week there will be 5-6 members working distribution)

We depend on our CSA members to set up our vegetable distribution area at The Woods and to help distribute produce to their fellow members, and then help clean up at the end of the pick-up.

Distribution Volunteer

Distribution Volunteer

4 Responses

  1. Hi There,

    I’m currently a student at Parsons The New School For Design doing their Design & Management program. As part of our studies we learn a lot about sustainability, and I came across your CSA doing research. I’m not currently a member, but I’m extremely interested in the CSA Process. I was wondering if you had any opportunities for (or would be interested in having) an intern/apprentice possition. If so, I’d love to apply! Please let me know if that would be possible, and if so where I could send my resume and a more detailed cover letter.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, its great!


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