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Sign-Ups for 2015 Harvest Season are still open. Email to determine current availability.

Info below is not current. See front page of blog for more current information.

How to Sign-Up

  • New members sign up at a sign up event. See front page of blog for upcoming events
  • Returning members may sign up via an on-line form. Email for details

General Pricing Scheme – 

Full shares pick up every week. Half shares pick up every other week; Half share members are assigned an A or B week schedule

  • (Mostly)Berry Share – 24 weeks – May 4 – Oct 12 (Full – $475; Half – $237.50)
  • Egg Share – 24 weeks –  May 4 – Oct 12 (Full- $132; Half – $66)
  • Vegetable Share – 24 weeks- June 15 to Nov 23 (Full- $600; Half- $300)
  • Orchard Share – 20 weeks – July 13 to Nov 23 (Full- $260 Half – $130)
  • Chicken Share – 24 weeks – (Full – $560 Half – $280)
  • Meat Shares– 8 to 24 weeks (Varying prices depending on the # of weeks. See Northwind Meat Share page for pricing information)
  • Circle C Maple –  One time distributions several times during the season. Lots of Maple! Lots of sizes! Lots of Grades! Availability depends on the season; Order early to be sure to get your stash of local maple syrup. Prices and sized linked here…


Detailed info on our farmers and share types can be found on the following linked pages:


Full Monty Deluxe. July 29, 2010


Sign-up Appointment Details

During your appointment you will choose your shares, make a payment, and sign up for your volunteer shifts. You will sign a membership agreement and leave with a physical receipt. Southside CSA will have a physical invoice on record as well. All of this writing and typing takes a bit of time. We try to get you in and out in fifteen minutes. It goes faster when people have thought about their payment and volunteer options before their sign up appointment. It can take half an hour if you have lots of questions.

What to bring : $$, Calendar, & Email Info for share partners

$$ — This CSA is all about supporting local farms. We take cash, checks, credit cards, and CHase Quick Pay. (Each credit card transaction will be subject to a 3% service charge.) Trying to set up some more online payment options…

Payment & Deposits

The whole purpose of a CSA is to get $$ to farmers in these lean Winter months, therefore the bigger a deposit you put down now, the better it is for our farmers. In order to encourage people to pay in full, we offer reduced admin fee to those who pay in full at sign-up. It makes life easier for the farmers and the volunteer organizers. However, we also offer several types of  extended payment plans.

  • $25 – Early Bird – Payment in Full at sign up
  • $30 – Regular – 2 payments; Deposit + Pay in full by June 30.
  • $35 – 4 Payments – Deposit, May, June & July. Balance due by July 31
  • $40 – 5 payments – Deposit + May, June, July & August. Balance due by Aug 31

Please note, there will be a $5 late fee for every late payment. There will also be a $30 fee for bouncing checks. 

Dates for Volunteer Shifts

Every share family signs up for their volunteer shifts during their sign-up appointment. Each family must complete 6 hours of volunteer work as a group /couple/ individual.  You will be signing up for a distribution shift and a community shift. It is a good idea to have your calendar (for all members in your “share family”) with you to ease scheduling volunteer dates.We understand that it is hard to predict your future schedule, however, it is even harder to run an all-volunteer CSA without a schedule so we insist on early sign ups. We can always re-schedule as schedules shift…


You will be provided with an email receipt. Please bring the emails of all your share members so they can be added to the  email list.

Contact info:

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