2014 Distribution

Every Monday from May 5th to November 24th

30 weeks in the backyard of the Woods

Holidays, Rain & Shine!

Circle C Maple Syrup Share is a one time distribution

Greig Farm Share distributes 24 weeks. May 5 through October 13

MimoMex Vegetable Share distributes 25 weeks. June 9 through Nov 24

NY State Orchard Share distributes 22 weeks. June 30 through Nov 24

Feather Ridge Farm Egg & Chicken Shares  May 5  through October 13

Northwind Farm Meat Share distributes 24 weeks. May 5 through October 13. A variety of packages from 4 weeks to 24 weeks available

In 2014, Southside CSA will now be working with six different farms. In order to keep simple for both the farmers and the organizers, we sell our shares through a package system.

Check the index for more info. There are pages with info about all our farmers and all our share types.

What is the difference between a half share and a full share?

We offer two types of shares within several of the packages — a “full” share or a “half” share. Half shares operate on a 2 week cycle: “A” week and “B” week. Someone with a full share picks up every week while a half share is picked up every other week, on its designated distribution cycle.

Please note, these prices DO NOT include the admin fee which varies depending on payment plan!! As packages sell out, they will be marked below. Check front page for current availability


Member Diary: Funcore's August 13th Share

In addition to these fabulous packages, we offer add-on meat shares, additional eggs, and maple syrup.

pic by ryan kuonen

Meat Share


Weekly Chicken...

Weekly Chicken…

Feather Ridge Farm Chicken Shares

In general the weekly share is one 5-7lb Whole Chicken Roaster. Sometimes due to slaughter schedules and other factors, the share is an equivalent amount of mixed chicken parts or chicken wings.

  • Full – 24 Weeks – $560
  • Half – 12 weeks – $280

NY Maple Syrup: 

Tapped in the Gunks, our Circle C Maple Syrup is some of the best.

  • Gallon –  $62.00
  • 1/2 Gallon – $35.00
  • Quart –  $21.00
  • Pint –  $13
  • 1/2 Pint – $8.00

A lot depends on how the season goes, but typically Circle C offers the following flavor varieties:

  • Grade A Light Amber — the sweetest with a little maple flavor
  • Grade A Medium Amber- slightly darker with more maple flavor
  • Grade B Extra Dark- intense maple flavor!

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