Community Events: Williamsburg Walks

Williamsburg Walks; A pedestrianization of Bedford Ave
Williamsburg Walks; A pedestrianization of Bedford Ave. (pic by sabeth718 @

Williamsburg Walks is returning starting this Saturday, June 6. This year, the L Magazine and Neighbors Allied for Good Growth (NAG) have partnered to organize the event, inviting North Brooklyn residents, visitors, and merchants to celebrate the community on a pedestrianized Bedford Avenue.

Viva la pedestrian!
Viva la pedestrian!

Hoping to make the event even more enjoyable for the neighborhood and to fully activate the streetscape, area non-profits and businesses will be organizing events and activities. And that’s where the Southside CSA comes in; We are hosting a block dedicated to food activism and activities. Each week there will be a main theme with talks, workshops, & seasonal cooking contests. Our idea is to host a get-together with some food, info, and community-based projects that will be rooted in thinking global while talking local, discussing and demonstrating food security within our community, and celebrating the joys of a bountiful local harvest.

Bedford Ave & Elbow room? Fuhgedaboutit without Williamsburg Walks!
Bedford Ave & Elbow room? Fuhgedaboutit without Williamsburg Walks!

We kick off the inaugural week, June 6th, with a bevy of fun stuff. Come on out and chill with us in the street while we get our foodie fun on. Williamsburg Walks will be from N4th to N9th. Most likely we will be located at the block from N4th to N5th, however, things are still in flux at this time so if you don’t see us there, keep on cruising around.

pic from themikebot
pic from themikebot

[For all workshops, discussions, and events, some seating will be available, but we encourage you to bring your own beach chairs for guaranteed comfort!]

1pm. Discussion: Urban Gardening.
It’s not too late to get your own garden (backyard, container, street plot, etc) started. Come and get some inspiration from local gardeners and discuss the various ways New Yorkers can get their thumbs green.

2pm. Workshop. Rhubarb.
Rhubarb is a Springtime gem that will only be around for a few more weeks. We will be dishing sweet and savory recipes and whipping up a few of our favorites and discussing how to can and freeze Rhubarb for wintertime enjoyment.

4pm. Eating Local.
A discussion of carbon foot prints, local produce, cooking, and community supported agriculture.

5pm. Workshop. Rhubarb Redux.
More dishing on the sweet and savory side of the springtime fave.

6pm. Cooking contest. Seasonal Chutney.
Bring on your best seasonal chutney.
Rules. Homemade. At least 4 local ingredients.
Entries accepted from 6 to 630pm. Jury will announce winner at 7pm

7pm. Sunset Picnic. BYOE.
(Bring your own everything)
Join us in the streets…for an old fashioned picnic. It may sound crazy to plop down a picnic blanket on a street in a dense urban city but we cant think of a better way to celebrate Brooklyn’s local harvest. Brooklynites create so many amazing things in their kitchens, gardens, basements, and roofs…we can only imagine what you can pull together for a picnic. Gather some food from your house, grab a blanket, and lets grub together while the sun goes down and the night lights go on. Musical entertainment provided for your dining pleasure. [ps. if you dont have time to prepare a meal, no sweat, Bedford Ave & the Northside are filled with many amazing dining choices and take-out options.]

Join us the following weeks for some more foodie fun…

  • June 13: Seasonal Spring Eating
  • June 20: Solstice & Summer Eating. Celebrating the Harvest to come…
  • June 27: Eating Local, the Puerto Rican way.
  • July 4: Eating Local, the Polish way.
  • July 11: Eating Local, the Italian way.

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