Give Us Bread: a local play about the Food Riots of 1917

The Anthropologists are putting on a play that sounds right up our alley…

Food prices shot up overnight. Starvation threatened families from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to the Lower East Side to the Bronx. A group of women came together to demand action. Boycotts accelerated into riots.

The year was 1917 and prices for basic food items rose dramatically. Unable and unwilling to pay prices that had nearly doubled, ordinary women banded together to enforce neighborhood boycotts that soon erupted into full-scale riots. Through their courage, similar movements spread across the country. Two weeks later, food prices dropped.

As today’s food prices creep upward, food riots are happening all over the modern world.  Using 1917 as a lens, this play will examine today’s globally-scaled food crisis.

Give Us Bread

An original play paired with innovating programming to explore the intersection between art and action.

The Art: Give Us Bread – an ensemble-devised play inspired by the 1917 food riots of New York City.

The Action: The Food Riot Project – 16 days of innovative programming challenging you to dig deeper.

Whether you are in the mood for a play, a political update, a historical discussion or an old fashioned cookout, the Food Riot Project is fodder for this weekend’s plans.

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