Weekly Blast – Monday 22nd Distribution

mimomex farm

Help! Bouncing emails

…we still have a few emails coming right back at us. If anyone knows of anyone not receiving these emails, please shoot us a note. Ta!

Monday pick up

Our first pick up – eek, we’re SO excited. This pick up is for full share and “A” week members. All you “B” members out there – think of this as a heads up to the 29th.

  • Vegetables – we do not yet know what veges we will be getting – we’ll update you as soon as we know (this might be Monday!). As the season progresses things will get a little smoother and our farmers will get a little more used to giving us a heads up in good time
  • Fruit – the fruit share has a bit of a lag and doesnt start until weeks 3 & 4
  • Eggs – 1 dozen of the most delicious pastured eggs. (ps the farmer just told us that more eggs are available. Let us know if you want to get in on the cheapest, healthiest, organic protein out there!)
  • Wine – this week we have a bottle of the Bridge Vineyards 2007 Chardonnay. This light Chardonnay with crisp apple, elegant fruit, slate and a mineral finish will go superbly with a light lunch, spring time dinner or a chilled afternoon sip.

Remember – the wine share is open enrollment – so if you’d like to join shoot us an email or ask at distribution. The cost of the wine share is $360/ 180 for full / half share, or it can be pro-rated. Alternatively, if you’d like to just pick up a bottle of the wine share on the spot – we can pop it through for you at $18.

The growing season thus far – news from the farm

Ok. What is one of the coolest things about being in a CSA? The direct relationship you develop with your food. You get to know the family that grows it and the land which nutures it and the weather which affects it. Weather plays a BIG role in the harvest; too much sun, too much rain, too little rain, late frosts, early frosts can all change the size and amout of produce we see in our share.

Well, it’s been rather wet these last few weeks. Needless to say, its taking its toll on New York State Farmers… This basically means that we will begin a little slow but panic not! Remember that when the sun finally comes out (next week) those veges will grow like crazy and our farmers will do their best to make sure that when harvest becomes bountiful, your shares will beef up accordingly.

Williamsburg Walks

…we’re still walkin’! We’ll be on Bedford @ N.8th on Saturdays between 12 noon  – 8pm for another few weeks yet. If anyone is up for helping out, doing a demo or just chatting up local food – come check us out. For more info and a great video:  http://www.billburg.com/walks/

One thought on “Weekly Blast – Monday 22nd Distribution

  1. I love that you post the produce in the blog. Can you encourage people to post recipes? I want to learn more about how to cook all this stuff.

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