Come hang on the Southside CSA block @ Williamsburg Walks

As a grassroots group that supports getting produce and products from local fields to Brooklyn kitchens, we have jumped into help with another grassroots neighborhood movement, Williamsburg Walks. The Walks is part of the liveable streets movement which begs people to reconsider how their public space is being used. We have dedicated a block to food activism and activities. Our idea is to host a get-together with some food, info, and community-based projects that will be rooted in thinking global while talking local, discussing and demonstrating food security within our community, and celebrating the joys of a bountiful local harvest.

Saturday June 27: Summer Eating. Celebrating the Harvest to come…

North 8th to North Ninth on Bedford Ave.

For all workshops, discussions, and events, some seating will be available, but we encourage you to bring your own beach chairs for guaranteed comfort!

Public Drawing Area from 12ish to Sunset;
Join in the drawing fun at our public mural area. We will be drawing portraits of bees, the unsung garden heroes, trying to promote the petition to legalize beekeeping in NYC. All we are saying….is give Bees a chance! Other cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Portland, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, and Vancouver regulate beekeeping on roofs and in community gardens, parks, and nature centers. We will be supporting Council Member David Yassky’s Bill , introduced in January to City Council that would legalize beekeeping in NYC while getting our drawing on. Crayons provided. 

Bedford Blanket Library Area from 12ish to Sunset.
We will create a blanket oasis on the street where you can plop down and read a good book. If you don’t have one, we have some pretty classic books available on sustainability and local eating for you to borrow.

Urban Gardening Activities from 1-6pm.

Tired of looking at that dusty empty lot on your street? Wishing that stalled construction project was much needed park space? Swing by our block and make some seed balls and help us bomb back the blight and cover the neighborhood in a blanket of wildflowers.

Eating Local Activities from 1-6pm
Food demos with local veggies and fruits. TBD by what is at the farmers market. (For sure you will see quick pickling with spring onions and some fun uses for spring garlic…)

7pm. Sunset Picnic. BYOE.

(Bring your own everything)
Join us in the streets…for an old fashioned picnic. It may sound crazy to plop down a picnic blanket on a street in a dense urban city but we cant think of a better way to celebrate Brooklyn’s local harvest. Brooklynites create so many amazing things in their kitchens, gardens, basements, and roofs…we can only imagine what you can pull together for a picnic. Gather some food from your house, grab a blanket, and lets grub together while the sun goes down and the night lights go on. Musical entertainment provided for your dining pleasure. [ps. if you dont have time to prepare a meal, no sweat, Bedford Ave & the Northside are filled with many amazing dining choices and take-out options.]

Join us the following weeks for some more foodie fun…
July 4 BBQing, the local way
July 11 Eating Local, the Italian way, Polish & Puerto Rican way

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