4th of July BBQ

by Howard N2Got@flickr.com
by Howard N2Got@flickr.com

If you are around this holiday, come join us for some local BBQ action.

We will be rocking a little grill @ Williamsburg Walks on our block between N8th & N9th and would love for you to come on down and throw something into the mix. It is BYOE (as in bring your own everything) but will probably turn into a bit of a potluck picnic. We should be on the street sometime between 1 and 2pm and will be there with blankets to spare until after sunset. Think a pedestrianized Bedford, local veggies, italian sausages, card games, and people watching. Sounds like a good time…especially if you get a slice of my patriotic rhubarb & blueberry bread pudding. (red, white, blue & yummy!)

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