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In this issue:

Policy Action Alert!  Help Pass “FoodprintNYC”!

A citywide initiative on food an agriculture systems in NYC – Resolution 2049-also known as FoodprintNYC resolution – has been introduced by NYC council member Bill de Blasio. It’s designed to create greater access to local, fresh, healthy food, especially in low-income communities and city run institutions. It is also raising awareness on the impact of the NYC’s food choices on climate change – how we grow, process, package, transport, store and dispose our food.

A New and Refreshing Additional Product!

People’s Pops – hand made popsicles offered to CSAs in NYC! A tiny start up in Brooklyn, they are made from fresh fruit purchased at the Greenmarkets. Flavors change weekly and range from Blackberry, Honey and Yogurt to Sour Cherries and Strawberry.

Interested in the World of Organics?

Northeast Organics Farmer Association Conference, August 7th-9th at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Campus.


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