Weekly Shares. Aug 31. A week.

Despite a crazy car accident, our farmers arrived with the food….Superhero farmer status for Martin & Gaudencia!


Vegetable Share

  • 4 ears of MimoMex Corn, the best corn round these parts!
  • 1/2 pound of Tomatillos
  • 1 pound of Jalapeno peppers
  • 1 bunch of Beets
    • Unfortunately due to Fall weather the farmers had to cut the beet greens off the bunches. They know how much peple like to eat them BUT the weather has made the greens rather unedible and so they had to be chopped. Lo siento!
  • 1 1/2 pounds (loose) Carrots
  • 1 1/2 pounds Eggplant
  • 1 pound Bell Peppers
  • 1 bunch Basil
  • Choice of 1 bunch Papalo or Epazote
  • 1 pound Red Potatoes
  • 1 pound White Potatoes
  • BONUS!! 2 pounds Potatoes  to make up for the potatoes that got left on the truck last time (A week; Aug 17th)

egg plant and peppers

Fruit Share

  • 1 pound Apples
  • 1 pound Peaches
  • 1 pound Nectarines
  • 1 pound (super-ripe) Plums
    • OK, so the plums are very very very ripe. They were alrighty when they picked them up on Sunday but got very soft overnight. Martin didn’t really want to leave them with us because he is very concerned about only dropping off top quality produce. However, I (ryan) convinced him that we’d rather have ripe plums for sauces and jams (etc) than extra apples in 2 weeks SO be prepared for soft plums! I recommend bringing some sort of tupperware to transport the soft fruits. Def helps make the fruit survive without squishing…..

corn rocks

Egg Share

  • 1 dozen gorgeous pastured Eggs. Don’t forget to bring a carton for easier transport!

Weekly Share. Aug 24. B Week.

flowers and zukes

  • 1 lb Spanish (Yellow) Onion
  • 1 lb White Onion
  • 2 heads of Garlic
  • 1 head of Celery
  • 1 1/2 pound Carrots (with all the rain the leaves on the carrots were kinda gross, so the farmers chopped them off and this week we are weighing out loose carrots instead of having bunches)
  • 1 bunch Beets
  • 4 pieces of Corn
  • 1 bag Zucchini Flowers
  • 1 pound Zucchini
  • 1 bunch Green Onions

garlic luv

Fruit Share

  • 1 lb Pears
  • 1 lb Apples
  • 1 lb Peaches
  • 1 lb Nectarines

Egg Share….don’t forget to bring a carton for “safer” transport of your precious cargo!

Weekly Links

Goshen, NY

Goshen, NY

Food for the Soul [NY Times]

Making the local food movement accessible [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

A Farm on Every Floor [NY Times]

$20 gasoline? There’s a bright side [Los Angeles Times]

US has wrong approach to African food security, group says [Seattle Times]

Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food [TIME via Yahoo! News]

August 17th – A week

Afternoon CSAers! The following produce has just been delivered from Mimomex farm.

White Cubanelle Peppers

White Cubanelle Peppers


  • 1 lb white peaches
  • 1 lb purple plums
  • 1lb green apples
  • 1 lb red apples

One dozen fresh, free range EGGS


  • 4 ears Sweet corn 
  • 1 bunch carrots
  • 1 lb green beans
  • 2 lb summer squash
  • 1 lb white cubanelle peppers
  •  1 lb green peppers
  • 1 lb red potatoes & 1 lb white potatoes
  • 1 bunch kale
  • 1 head celery 

Red Apple

Southside CSA article on one-earth.com


A sparkly new article on the Southside CSA has just been posted at One-Earth.com.

One-Earth.com is a wiki-powered website which lists solutions to everyday environmental questions such as, “where can I compost my left over greens” and “eek – where can I take this girl I want to impress who is vegan?!”

Information is organized by city and by category (such as “home solutions” and “businesses and services”). And since we all like to think we know best, my favorite element is that it works like wikipedia – you can find resources in your neighborhood for environmental businesses, organizations and events and post it yourself! Yup, a website that actually thinks its users know best – bliss!

So come on SScsa – get posting! From the numerous emails we receive, I know y’all have much to share.

This site is brilliant and will get better and better as its users post on it.


Aug 10 Shares. B Week

plums & peaches

Martin has dropped off the shares, reporting back that the weather is still making things rough and tough for our local farmers. For more talk on that subject, check out Dan Barbers Op Ed piece in this Sunday’s NYT, You Say Tomato, I Say Agricultural Disaster

Veg Share

  • 4 ears of Corn
  • 1 lb Zucchini
  • 1 lb Yukon Potato
  • 1 lb Red Potato
  • 1 lb Bell Peppers
  • 1 bunch Scallions
  • 1 bulb of Garlic
  • 1 bunch Kale
  • 1 head of Lettuce
  • 1 bunch of Basil
  • 1 bunch of Mint or Oregano

Fruit Share

  • 1 lb Yellow Plums
  • 1 lb White Peaches
  • 1 lb White Nectarines
  • 1/2 lb Sugar Plums

Egg Share

  • 1  dozen gorgeous pastured eggs


Cooking with (super-ripe!) PLUMS


Yeah plums! How happy are we that this is the time our farmers markets are filled with seasonal stone fruit. Love love love that sweet tart combo of the ripe sugar plums. Die for the mellow flavor of the yellow plums. Can’t wait to fill my belly with every type of NY state plum.

Anyways, one of the joys of the fruit share is FRESH fruit, but it is also one of the biggest challenges. Ripe fruit equals supreme sweetness and equal messiness and it doesn’t wait…when it is ready to be eaten, well, it best be eaten.

Now while we all can’t wait for Naomi to cruise over with one of her amazing plum tarts (hint hint), I overloaded a little on the sweet this past week with a Ginger-Peach-Blackberry Buckle (riffed off this recipe) and am craving a little savory with my plums. Last year on a whim I made a fab little plum sauce and am ready to experiment with some more savory plum recipes.Truth be told, what I really want to do is bust out some plum wine. Plans are fermenting…..hopefully I get the nerve up to try and bottle some up before the season ends.

Below is a bevy of plum inspiration. Please send us your ideas, recipe tips, and plum perfect pictures.

plum sauce (made from local yellow plums)

plum sauce (made from local yellow plums)

Savory Plum Recipes

Sweet Plum Recipes

plum kutchen by aloalosabine @ flickr.com

plum kutchen by aloalosabine @ flickr.com

Plum-Influenced Cocktails

plum royale by michael dietsch @ flickr.com

plum royale by michael dietsch @ flickr.com

BBQ season means cocktail time right. Some yummy ideas we dug up.

plum tree by tz1__1zt @ flickr.com

plum tree by tz1__1zt @ flickr.com

August 3rd – A week

Vegetables Verdolaga

  • 1 bunch zanohoria (carrots)
  • 1 bunch beets
  • 1 pound red potatoes & 1 pound white potatoes
  • 1 head of celery
  • 2 pounds yellow or Spanish onions
  • 2 bulbs of garlic
  • 1 bunch basil
  • 4 ears of sweet corn
  • 1 bunch verdolaga
  • 1 pound of green beans


  • 1 pound of plums
  • 1 pound nectarine
  • 1 pound doughnut peaches