Cooking with (super-ripe!) PLUMS


Yeah plums! How happy are we that this is the time our farmers markets are filled with seasonal stone fruit. Love love love that sweet tart combo of the ripe sugar plums. Die for the mellow flavor of the yellow plums. Can’t wait to fill my belly with every type of NY state plum.

Anyways, one of the joys of the fruit share is FRESH fruit, but it is also one of the biggest challenges. Ripe fruit equals supreme sweetness and equal messiness and it doesn’t wait…when it is ready to be eaten, well, it best be eaten.

Now while we all can’t wait for Naomi to cruise over with one of her amazing plum tarts (hint hint), I overloaded a little on the sweet this past week with a Ginger-Peach-Blackberry Buckle (riffed off this recipe) and am craving a little savory with my plums. Last year on a whim I made a fab little plum sauce and am ready to experiment with some more savory plum recipes.Truth be told, what I really want to do is bust out some plum wine. Plans are fermenting…..hopefully I get the nerve up to try and bottle some up before the season ends.

Below is a bevy of plum inspiration. Please send us your ideas, recipe tips, and plum perfect pictures.

plum sauce (made from local yellow plums)

plum sauce (made from local yellow plums)

Savory Plum Recipes

Sweet Plum Recipes

plum kutchen by aloalosabine @

plum kutchen by aloalosabine @

Plum-Influenced Cocktails

plum royale by michael dietsch @

plum royale by michael dietsch @

BBQ season means cocktail time right. Some yummy ideas we dug up.

plum tree by tz1__1zt @

plum tree by tz1__1zt @

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