Cooking with Tomatillos


I first “met” our farmers through their tomatillos. I worked out of Prospect Park (Best.Office.Ever) and became addicted to the farmers market on Wednesdays in the Windsor Terrace corner of the park. The addiction centered around the tomatillos and cilantro at one farmer’s stand. Being an Angelino–born & bred– I crave cooking with Mexican staples like jalapeno peppers, tomatillos, epazote, and cilantro. While cilantro is common at green markets around the city, I hadn’t seen tomatillos anywhere else. The  farmstand was run by the Rodriguez family and that farmstand kept my kitchen stocked with all my faves for making salsas and enchiladas.

3 years later the Southside CSA was hooked up with MimoMex farm by Just Food and I couldn’t have been happier to work with this farm and their produce. Hopefully you guys will get as much pleasure cooking up the tomatillos as I do.

(PS. Our farmers can still be found on Wednesdays at the Windsor Terrace market. If you have friends that live in that part of Brooklyn, you should give them a heads up about MimoMex tomatillos, sweet corn, beets, and outrageous selection of herbs)

tomatillo s

Part of the nightshade family, the tomatillo plant bears a fruit surrounded by a paper-like husk. As the fruit matures, it fills the husk and can split it open by harvest. The husk turns brown and the fruit can be yellow, green, red, or purple when ripe. Ripe the fruit is firm and tart and is “typically” not eaten raw. (Some people think I am crazy, but i ate the purple ones raw last summer and it was heavenly divine. Super-yums!)  It is the main ingredient of salsa verde, so if you like the green sauce served at Mexican restaurants, get ready to rock your own version.





2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the links to Herbivoracious! I love the way you are doing this, sending out a whole slew of helpful recipes to go along with your CSA boxes. That is a big step up from the single page handouts I’ve seen in the past (not to mention it looks like you have killer veggies).

  2. We ♥ tomatillos–and boy do they produce! My husband, mom-in-law and my daughter love them right off the vine. Strange, I know. 😉

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