2010 season. blast off!

Sign Ups have started

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Sign up – at last!

mimomex produce & eggs. aug 2009

Alrighty – after weeks and weeks of waiting with baited breath, we are ready to announce that sign up is about to begin. Thanks to all of you for being so so patient (and even to those who weren’t – you know who you are ;-).

When: Sign up will be held every Monday night from 29th March through the 26th April, from 6.30 – 8.30pm.

Location: 140 Metropolitan Ave, 1st flr (between Berry & Wythe).

Before you come read through the pages on this blog. Lots has changed, including:

  • Our share options and pricing. Check out our new package system. Also, the season has been extended from 20 to 22 weeks.
  • We have added a few brand spanking new shares. Berry share from Greig Farm & Local Maple Syrup from Circle C Farm. All details are listed on the “shares” and “farms” pages.
  • We have also changed the volunteer obligations – check through the “community” page and don’t freak out, it’s actually very simple and will be lots of fun (Remember drinking wine , babbling away and handing out the odd bit of produce last summer… Remeber talking about potlucks and whatnot… More than a few members toddled home a little tipsy after their distribution shift!). We will be on hand at sign up to answer any questions.

distribution workshift

What to bring

Research – Please take time to read our various pages. There is a lot of info that can be accessed through this blog. It will save everyone time if you come to sign up having read the blog pages thouroughly.

Chequebooks (or Cash) – take a look at the “sign up” page, we are cracking down a little on payment as it took far too long to pay our farmers last summer. If you have any issues with payment, come chat to us and we’ll work something out.

Calendar – of you and any member in your share family. This is for signing you in to your distribution and community shifts. We will remind you nearer the time, although our members were better than us at that last year! We had numerous people signing up for them and their partner with quite a few partners then being unavailable to volunteer their time. It got a little tricky. It may seem odd signing up for a distribution shift in October, but it’s the only way that we are able to keep this train on the tracks.

Patience – just a little, as it can sometimes get a tad hectic when everyone turns up at once. So be prepared to hang out for about 30 mins and chat to a few of your neighbours also signing up (yup – most of you live within a 6 block radius of the pick up location – crazy that you never knew what a lively bunch of foodies friends you had living so close!).

Ok folks that’s it. Please send us a quick email to let us know you are coming so we have a sense of numbers, and hope to see you in the next few weeks.

Esther, Ryan & Yo

fruit share. from aug 2009.

Our New Home Sweet Home!

pic by plate of the day @ flickr.com

After an amazing first year @ Bridget Wine Bar, we were super bummed when they got shut down by their lame landlord. We have been cruising the hood, looking for a new home. Our patience has been rewarded…..

Thanks to the amazing guys @ the Woods, the Southside CSA has a fantastic new home.

Same great time (Mondays from 630pm-830pm), amazing new space located @ 48 S4th (between Wythe & Kent in the shadow of the old Domino factory)

Great backyard, yummy taco truck, and my favorite new drink, a shot of whiskey with a pickle juice chaser!

We will be starting sign ups in about a week, but we wanted to share the great news as soon as it became official.

pic by plate of the day @ flickr.com