Our New Home Sweet Home!

pic by plate of the day @ flickr.com

After an amazing first year @ Bridget Wine Bar, we were super bummed when they got shut down by their lame landlord. We have been cruising the hood, looking for a new home. Our patience has been rewarded…..

Thanks to the amazing guys @ the Woods, the Southside CSA has a fantastic new home.

Same great time (Mondays from 630pm-830pm), amazing new space located @ 48 S4th (between Wythe & Kent in the shadow of the old Domino factory)

Great backyard, yummy taco truck, and my favorite new drink, a shot of whiskey with a pickle juice chaser!

We will be starting sign ups in about a week, but we wanted to share the great news as soon as it became official.

pic by plate of the day @ flickr.com

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