Taste of Williamsburg

We here at the Southside CSA are always looking for worthy projects in the hood to support. The renovation and reclaiming of Engine 212 is not only worthy because of the lack of community space in Williamsburg but because of the amazing history the project will preserve. Please check it out and help it out!


The deal: A $2m capital campaign is under way. After a competitive city wide Request for Proposal process, Neighbor’s Allied for Good Growth (NAG) and the People’s Firehouse, Inc. (PFI) were awarded the rights to re-develop the former Engine 212 Co., more famously known as “The People’s Firehouse”, located in the Northside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The redesigned building will become the Northside Town Hall Community and Cultural Center and will provide:

  • a permanent home for NAG and PFI
  • affordable office and meeting space for the community
  • a ground floor exhibition space for local cultural and arts organizations
  • commemorate Engine Co. 212 and the activism in our community

A little history:

A generation ago, the Williamsburg & Greenpoint communities saved Fire Engine Co. 212 from massive budget cuts, through 30 months of protest (yup, they occupied the fire house for 30 months – what stamina!). That victory became the impetuous for years of effective community organizing that helped transform the neighborhood from one of increasing economic abandonment to a bustling community with a growing population of young families.

More recently:

Our community won a kick ass victory again when the mayor’s office chose our local non-profits to build a new institution, instead of selling it for luxury housing! There is a vision for the firehouse to become a center for local activism, community planning, non-profit art performance and exhibitions, and a place where we can celebrate and build community, together.

The Northside Town Hall needs your help today! To raise the funds and awareness that will make this vision a reality.

Join foodies from around the neighborhood in working to raise funds at the first annual Taste Williamsburg & Greenpoint, a block party style benefit, on Sunday, May 16th @ N.11th St. in and outside of Brooklyn Brewery.

Over 35 of the areas top restaurants and bars are involved, with maximum attention being paid to local and sustainable practices. Money will be raised through sponsors’ donations, advertising in the event program, and “taste” size offerings from exhibitors that will be available for ticket buyers. There will be local music performances and food demonstrations, plus farmer and home food maker tie-ins, which will make the event a good time for all!

How to plug in:

  • They need help spreading the word ahead of time so if you write a blog or run a listserv, please help promote the Taste event and the monthly arts events at the Engine 212 building.
  • They need people to promote the event through posting posters and tabling
  • They need volunteers during the event. (PS….Volunteering for the Taste can count as the “Community” of your volunteer commitment)

If you are interested in being involved contact the organizers at info@nthccc.org

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