Get your share of Berries “with the sun still on them”

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There is still a little time left to get your Berry Share.

We will be accepting members through the end of May (although we suggest not waiting until Memorial Day weekend to contact us…)

Berry shares cost $320.  The share runs on Monday nights from July 5th – September 27th.

The share will consist of  4 quarts of blueberries one week, alternated with 4 pints of raspberries  or blackberries. Of course, the farmer will be picking the fruit ripe so the weather and farm conditions will actually determine what comes in.

The berries are picked on Monday morning and delivered that evening to our regular distribution “with the sun still on them”.

Time is of the essence! For best quality and flavor, fruit should ripen on the vine and be eaten the day it is harvested. Healthy living includes harvesting and eating fruit in small amounts, often. The Greig Farm is happy to do the harvesting for us with the best Blueberries, red and yellow Raspberries, and Blackberries, each hand picked in their season.

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Greig Farm  does not use systemic chemicals, chosing natural predators over the chemical solution whenever possible. No middle man, no road side stands, no delays. Delicious fruit direct from their  sunny fields directly to you. The Greig Farm has been growing fruits and vegetables for more than 60 years,  planting varieties that feature the best flavor. Aware that as our modern lives have become compressed, there is a trend for less and less time for each of us to spend in nature on the farm. Their goal with our fresh-picked Berry Share is to make the same high quality fresh fruit available to you as you would expect if you picked it yourself.  Nothing compares to the flavor in the field with the heat of the harvest sun on the fruit.

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If you would like to sign up for a Berry Share, send us an email at southsidecsa [at] gmail [dot] com. We are not having anymore official sign up events, but will be happy to make individual appointments to fill out paperwork, review volunteer commitments, and collect the cash for our (amazing!) farmers. Still not sure you can consume that many berries in a week….well, scroll down for our post titled “Beautiful Berries”. It has lots of yummy recipes for using up those berries! Also, we recommend chatting to your friends, neighbors and co-workers about splitting a share. We cannot offer a half share (due to the fact that it would be impossible to split this like our MimoMex shares with bi-weekly pickups) but can have multiple members picking up….
Remember to review the volunteer commitment (listed on the Community page) and hit us up with any questions.
We at the Southside CSA thank you for supporting your local family farms!
Yeah Greig Farms!

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