Radish, outside the salad bowl

MimoMex Red Radish

After distribution, we were chatting about our veggies at my house. My roommate wanted to know if there were any good ways to use our radishes besides in a salad. I have roasted up a serious amount of daikon radishes (the white japanese variety) but i hadn’t done much more than toss the red ones into a green salad, pickle them, or snack on them raw with a dash of sea salt or spritz of lemon juice. So, we put the word out and we got some good non-salad ideas from our members:

Cooked or raw, the red radish has many ways to make a meal. Add your favorite ways to rock out the red radish in the comments.

One thought on “Radish, outside the salad bowl

  1. salsa cruda w/ the radish & cilantro (plus a little onion & jalapeno) to top a kale quesadilla

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