Berry Share Arrival – TONIGHT!

Well folks – the berry share is arriving TONIGHT, a week early. Norman is currently picking away in the fields and will be driving them down in a few hours – fresh for our 6.30pm start.

This year spring came early, summer came early, the sun and the hot weather came early – and so therefore did the berries! They are all happily ripening their little selves away at the rate of knots!

We will be receiving a pail of blueberries with a ½ pint of raspberries to top them off.

The share is beginning early with the hopes that it will not suddenly rain a bunch (like last year) or turn cold early in the summer season. If that were to happen then we would be berry-less (boo!). Norman Grieg thought it best to begin distributing now in order to bring you the ripest, juiciest, sweetest, most abundant berries possible.

This is a little last minute and short notice (apologies folks) – so we will be a little disorganized. Please bear with us! We will do our very berry best to get everyone their share in a timely and [dis]organized manner.

Welcome to community supported agriculture – where we get a peek into the unpredictable world of farming! Merrily supporting our farmers through scorching hot, sopping wet, unseasonably cold, short rain and whatever other weather may happen to crop up unexpectedly throughout the season.

Vive la vegetables local!


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