Report from Williamsburg Walks 2010

NAG's co-chair, Emily G. the hostess with the most-ess!

This past weekend NAG hosted the 3rd annual Williamsburg Walks, an amazing street festival which celebrates our public space. Bedford Avenue was shut down to car traffic from N4th to N9th, allowing more room for pedestrians and whatnot. There was a bevy of activities;  a whole block dedicated to the lil ones, a public art competition, live music, a great spot to watch the World Cup, walking tours, skillshares, and lots of spontaneous happenings.

Sprinkler Action!
Public Art
Sewing Skillshare
Art in Action

The Southside CSA hosted a Picnic Block from N4th to N5th. Thanks to Jungle we had a grassy lawn, chill-out chairs, shady trees and a serious lounge area. We had a big communal picnic blanket and lots of members joined us in celebrating the hustle and bustle of Bedford in a new way. Big thanks to all the volunteers who came out, esp those who stayed for clean-up and the big sod removal!!

NAG & Assemblyman Joe Lentol stop by the Picnic Block
The board game battle
the Jungle Lounge
Bedford Plaza
Hanging in the tent, hiding from the sun, talking sustainable cities...
MimoMex produce making the meal!
Potluck Maddness!
Southside CSA headquarters
Whose streets? Our streets!

We had an absolute blast and want to thank all the organizers for their hard work, esp Gregor. Cheers! It was a great time rethinking our public space. We whole heartedly support the Livable Streets movement and look forward to even more weekend experiments of pedestrian plazas. Gotta love thinking about urban sustainability and incubating progressive ideas on the neighborhood level. Hopefully there is a NYC Ciclovia and a network of street plazas in the future of our city…Viva la Williamsburg Walks!

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