Storing Your Produce & other Handy Tips…

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In the spirit of the holiday weekend, we would like to share with you some good resources on how to store your various veg & fruits.

As lots of us head out of town for summer getaways, it is important to remember that sometimes a little care with storage and whatnot can make your produce last longer. And  if there is no way you can pick up/use your food, remember we donate all unclaimed produce to the Southside Mission Pantry!

It is always important to keep in mind that in our modern age we have become overly dependent on our fridge. In general, lots of produce–from eggs to tomatoes to potatoes– do not require refrigerated storage. In fact, it can kill the fresh taste of a tomato! Also, some vegetables and fruits should be separated because they can adversely affect each other. Check these resources for more info on how to make your produce last longer, taste best, and maximize your kitchen space.

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