Beets Me!

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Ever escaped the heat of the city by ducking into McGolrick Park with a big styrofoam container of chilled borscht from Kormoran Restaurant? It is one of my favorite treats of the neighborhood (paired with a Cinnamon roll from Peter Pan Bakery!). Cold Borchst is a summer classic that can easily be rocked at home for lunches or dinners.  A refreshing treat–simple or savory–is especially tasty with the gorgeous beets from MimoMex. The black dirt of Goshen, along with Martin’s farming skills, grows some of the biggest and sweetest beets around. Enough to make several meals, create jars of juice, & add a splash to any meal, MimoMex beets are a CSA staple. Borscht is the staple of the Polish part of our neighborhood. Time to marry the two in our Southside kitchens…

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Beets a’ la the Northside; Chilled Beet Soups

MimoMex grows some of the best beets round these parts. They are sweet and scrumptious and can star in everything from rich main dishes to spicy sides. The area of Goshen, where our farm is located, was originally setled by Volga Germans & Poles who were familiar with both beets and black dirt farming. MimoMex is carrying on that tradition of producing sumptuous root vegetables. Below are some great recipes to rock out with your MimoMex beets. Plenty of fodder for those looking to spruce up beets to a gourmet level!

Beet & Boursin Perogies by barrycollins3 @

Beat the heat w/ some salads & raw recipes

Beets can make the meal; Main dishes and other gourmet ideas…

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Add color to your meal with a serious beet side dish…


Beets are so high in sugar they make great unconventional desserts.

Let us know how you are rocking your beets and keep the recipes coming!

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  1. Thanks to member Ann C for this tip; Beet-Cherry Catsup. Truly is the perfect sauce for fritters and spring rolls!

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