Weekly Links

Help Save the Ridgewood Resevoir [NYC Wildflower Week] Walkabout: The Wallabout Market [Brownstoner] Nothing in Life is Guaranteed [Brooklyn 11211] Housing Development Threatens Russian Seed Bank [Aol News] Food Insecurity Rising in America [Newsweek] Food Crises and National Security [Al-Ahram] Pakistan sees food price surge amid flood, UN says [BBC] Record Droughts, Floods and FiresContinue reading “Weekly Links”

Farm Tour, Picnic & Bike Ride round Governor’s Island

Sunday July 25th was our CSA sponsored Bike Ride & Picnic @ Governor’s Island. Organized by Alyssa, we met up on our bikes @ the Woods and pedaled over to the free ferry from Brooklyn Bridge Park.  It was a scorcher but the iced coffees and ocean breezes made it a great escape from theContinue reading “Farm Tour, Picnic & Bike Ride round Governor’s Island”

Week #9 – Aug 9 [A week]

Another hot week in NYC; another amazing distribution filled with fabulous MimoMex produce and gorgeous Greig Farm berries. The lack of rain has done a bit of damage to the bountiful Blackberry harvest that our early Spring had promised. C’est la vie on the farm, eh! This week there was no taco stand which hadContinue reading “Week #9 – Aug 9 [A week]”

Week #7 & #8 — July 26[A] & Aug 2[B] Distributions

Hola folks. Another great couple of weeks for the Southside CSA. All the shares are rocking as the Harvest season steams along and the farmers are busy busy busy in the field! Thankfully the farmers got a bit of relief from the heat with some much needed rain–although not enough to save the blackberry harvest.Continue reading “Week #7 & #8 — July 26[A] & Aug 2[B] Distributions”

Member Diary #7 – Jen Ward

The best part of joining Southside CSA (I am a second year) was how it inspired me to cook again. I cooked a ton last summer. It’s so thrilling to come up with creative ways to use the share. My stacks of recipes and cookbooks are finally put to the test.