Week #10 – Aug 16 [B week]

This week it rained! We had almost finished setting up for distribution, our volunteers had arrived early and we were hopping along nicely, when thunder, lightening (very very frightening) DOWN POUR! Continue reading

Berry! Member Diary: Megan Q.

Sadly, this week’s berry share wasn’t as bountiful as in weeks past.  Add that and the fact that my husband and I helped out at the distribution on Monday and wound up eating most of our berries, what we brought home was kind of sad.

[Ed Note: We are all going to have to start a berry support group now that the blueberry season is winding down…Summer, you are a cruel mistress!]

Especially since this is what we usually bring home!

Either way, it’s been all berries, all the time in the Quesada household.  Continue reading

Member Diary #9: Mala

This week Mala shares with us the various ways she uses her Veggie, Orchard & Berry shares. Continue reading

Weekly Links

Southside Garden. pic by chiquitapoquita @ flickr.com

Farm Tour, Picnic & Bike Ride round Governor’s Island

Sunday July 25th was our CSA sponsored Bike Ride & Picnic @ Governor’s Island. Organized by Alyssa, we met up on our bikes @ the Woods and pedaled over to the free ferry from Brooklyn Bridge Park.  It was a scorcher but the iced coffees and ocean breezes made it a great escape from the hot city streets…

Continue reading

Week #9 – Aug 9 [A week]

Another hot week in NYC; another amazing distribution filled with fabulous MimoMex produce and gorgeous Greig Farm berries. The lack of rain has done a bit of damage to the bountiful Blackberry harvest that our early Spring had promised. C’est la vie on the farm, eh! This week there was no taco stand which had a lot of us pairing our drinks with our plums, berries, & eggplant! Continue reading

Member Diary #8 — Kathleen M.

Zucchini bread: I received two pounds of zucchinis in my last share, so I decided to bake cinnamon zucchini bread on a day when it wasn’t a thousand degrees outside. Continue reading