Member Diary #15– Samantha & Evan

Southside CSA Diary  for the week of 9/20

One important thing to note about our share is that my boyfriend does not eat vegetables, only lettuces, potatoes, and raw carrots.  But he loves fruits, berries, eggs, and meat of all sorts.  This means I have to really make the most of the veggie share all on my own, especially as I hate to waste good food.

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THURSDAY – Sakara Food and Wine Event (8-10pm)

Join us Whitney and Danielle for an evening of wining, dining & veggie-crunching! Learn how to prepare a nutritious and oh, so delicious raw meal as you sip on some of our favorite ORGANIC wines… tempting, eh?

  • September 30th, 8-10pm
  • Pasanella and Son (115 South Street, NYC)
  • $89 per person
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Member Diary #15 – Katerina & Greg

I’m mostly a vegan (but eat the CSA eggs as they come from happy hens), and my boyfriend Greg usually eats vegan food when we’re at home (he describes himself as a part-time vegan). Greg loves spicy food, so over the years we’ve gravitated towards Indian cooking. Continue reading

SUNDAY 3-5pm – potluck – members wanted @ Southside Community Garden

What: Southside Community Garden Potluck
When: Sunday, September 26, 3-5 pm
Where: Corner of S. 4th and Hewes
Why: To allow you, your friends, family and neighbors to get to know your community garden.

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Week #15 – Sept 20th (A week)

Oh what a lovely September evening it was last night! It was also our penultimate berry share pick up (boo – end of the berry season!) and Norman very nicely topped the berries off with some delicious apples.

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Community Event: Pick-ur-Own Trip to Greig Farm

This weekend we’re getting out of New York City and taking a field trip!

It will be just like school – there’s a time and place to meet and anyone who isn’t there on time might miss their ride.  But the difference this time is we’re heading upstate to go raspberry, apple, and pumpkin picking!  It is perfect timing to get out there before the cold weather hits and while the sun is still beaming; it’s looking to be a wonderful day out. We’re really looking forward to getting the CSA together and having an opportunity to get to know our neighbors better. Continue reading

Supper Club Fundraiser

Friday night was a blast! Thanks to all our kickass volunteers [I’m looking @ u, Eliza! Tracey! Christen! Krista! Esther! & Yolim!], serious props to member Ann & Chelsea who organized it all,  and a standing ovation to everyone who donated their time, their food, or their $$! Continue reading

Raw Apple Pie

When life gives you apples, make apple pie. No need to turn on the stove to make this raw, vegan dessert. Continue reading

Member Diary #14 – Lucas & Ali

This weeks goodies:

1 bunch of spinach 1 head of lettuce 1 bunch of radishes 1/2 pound of tomatillos 1/2 pound of jalapenos 1 eggplant 1 acorn squash 1 bunch of parsley 1 bunch of mint 1 bunch of coriander apples galore! punnet of raspberries

I was a little worried about doing the member diary this week, as at the last minute Lucas had to go away for work which left me on my lonesome with all this fruit & vege to consume, to get creative with & to write about! Not the worst task in the world, but I’m 35 weeks pregnant and feeling very much like being cooked for rather than doing the cooking! But I soldiered on and this is what the week looked like! Continue reading

Week #14 – Sept 13 [B week]

Another rain storm sent us scrambling for cover inside the Woods. Car trouble meant a late arrival for the farmers. But the veggies were gorgeous and the apple harvest was bountiful, shaping up to be another great week. Continue reading