Member Diary #12: Emma & Aaron

Members Emma & Aaron give us a glimpse into their CSA experience
We didn’t do anything too fancy. We had:
  • 3 Green Peppers in salads and cut up as snacks
  • 2 Leeks, stir fry with sausage and put in pasta with sauce
  • 1 head of Celery put in salads
  • 1 Bunch of Parsley put in salads
  • 1 head Red Leaf Lettuce for salads
  • 1 bunch of Spinach cooked right away for experimental salad with corn and green peppers, lemon, olive oil and adobo seasoning.
  • 5 Roma tomatoes used in a salad and a tomato sauce
  • 4 ears of Sweet Corn roasted on the grill on Labor Day, served on the cob/husk.
  • 8 little Plums baked with maple syrup eaten with chocolate ice cream and cooked with hot oat bran cereal for breakfast
  • 3 Apples: snacks
  • 3 Bartlet Pears: snacks
  • 8 little Seckel Pears: snacks

In general, our usage wasn’t anything over the top, just very practical quick meals that were very delicious. We made a pasta with Kale, sauteed leeks, garlic, tomatoes, peppers and some very good spicy chicken sausage from Marlow & Daughters. We made a gigantic salad with basically everything from the share in it.  Including kidney beans, etc.  It was massive and usually we make smaller salads with just lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets and carrots, but we delved into a challenge.

All of the fruit we ate throughout the week as snacks. The plums we baked with sugar and put them on top of ice cream.  Vanilla works just fine. The celery we ate like 3rd graders with peanut butter, no raisens, but feel free. We also ate raw tomatoes with a breakfast of bacon and eggs to add some freshness to the meal. We usually love to saute the greens and vegetable with olive oil and garlic to add to pastas, eat as is as sides, or toss into an egg scramble. The corn we grilled in the husk and peeled ate.  Great even without butter and salt. We also steamed some kale and ate with sesame oil. We steamed the green beans and ate with some olive oil.

Like we said, nothing fancy, just good food!

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