Volunteer! the Community Commitment…

Southside CSA community block @ Williamsburg Walks 2010

As part of membership in the Southside CSA every member “is required” to perform some volunteer service in our 3 areas of focus. Every share family divides the labor as they see fit, assisting @ 1 distribution shift, volunteering for 4 hours in support of the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen, & creating community through organizing or supporting some type of event, planning a farm trip, making a video, writing a blog post, & whatnot. This post is meant to help members who still need to complete their community service plug in…

Volunteer @ Supper-Club fundraisers for Greenpoint Soup Kitchen

  • One of our super-star members–Ann– is also one of the main chefs @ the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen. She is planning a series of Supper-Club fundraisers to raise $$ for fresh food for the dark days of Winter when all the CSA donations have ended. The first fundraiser is planned for Friday Sept 17th. We need more hands on deck to help cook, serve, & clean. Also, if you play acoustic music…Let us know ASAP if you are interested in volunteering. Ann is also planning to do it again a few more times in the Fall, so if you are not available on the 17th but have free fridays in Oct or Nov, let us know.

Plan a Farm Trip

  • Berry Farm Trip…We need some people ASAP to be the main organizers for a trip out to Greig Farm on Sun Sept 26th. It involves writing up info, handling rsvps, and organizing car-pools/rental vans. 2-3 people needed.
  • MimoMex Farm Trip…We need one more person to join up with Member Carrie to organize the Sun Oct 24th farm trip to MimoMex farm. It involves writing up info, handling rsvps, and organizing car-pools/rental vans. 1 person needed.

Plan an Ice Cream Social… Member Yvonne has offered her backyard. With all the yummy ice cream flavors we hear floating around at distribution, we thought it would be perfect idea to have an ice cream social in the backyard. It involves picking date w/ Yvonne, writing up invite, handle RSVPS, and whatnot. 2-3 people needed.

Plan a Sunset Picnic in the Park or on the Pier…There are some cool parks & piers in the hood. Plan a sunset picnic. It involves picking a date & pier or park, planning the details, handling rsvps and whatnot.

Help plan a Benefit Concert @ the Woods… Members Phil & Nancy are putting their collective heads together to organize a benefit concert. Help them rock it out….

Help Plan the Harvest Dinner… The crew @ S5th are gonna host our Harvest dinner (typically a potluck in Nov) to celebrate another amazing season. Join in on the organizing fun…

Plan Your Own Event… If you have an idea for an event, workshop, or demo, send us the date & details.

Video. If you are rocking out a video, please send us your topic and deadline date.

Please email us @ southsidecsa@gmail.com with your plan (or questions) so that we can get things organized! As always, thanks for your support of this whole project!

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