Community Event: Pick-ur-Own Trip to Greig Farm

This weekend we’re getting out of New York City and taking a field trip!

It will be just like school – there’s a time and place to meet and anyone who isn’t there on time might miss their ride.  But the difference this time is we’re heading upstate to go raspberry, apple, and pumpkin picking!  It is perfect timing to get out there before the cold weather hits and while the sun is still beaming; it’s looking to be a wonderful day out. We’re really looking forward to getting the CSA together and having an opportunity to get to know our neighbors better.

Our berry farmer, Norman Greig, is a superstar; take this amazing opportunity to talk to the guy who grows your berries and see the land that nurtures the produce!


  • Meeting place: The Woods, Sunday 9/26
  • Address for meeting place: 48 S 4th St (between Kent Ave & Wythe Ave)
  • Time:  9am – Cars/vans will depart at 9:15 sharp
  • Driving distance:  2 hours 23 minutes from the Woods
  • What to bring: Picnic or lunch items for after berry picking, cash for the other markets on site, cash for van rental
  • Clothes to wear:  Get ready to get dirty!
  • Berry Member Bonus: If you are a Berry Share member, you get to pick for free. Talk about membership bonus!!

Please go to the Southside CSA’s Facebook page and find the invite where this info will be repeated and allow you all to RSVP there so we can consider a head count for the van rental. However we’re also looking for Southsiders who have a car and are willing to car pool to keep our costs down.  Email or Facebook us please!

Invite to RSVP:

Otherwise, we’ll see you Sunday – we’re so excited!


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