Sign Up for Winter Shares NOW!

Didn’t can as much as you wanted (or at all)? Don’t have copious amounts of room in your freezer for broccoli, zukes, & peppers? Want a taste of ripe, local berries as a Mid-Winter treat? Can’t ever go back to store bought eggs?

Then you NEED to sign up for the 2010 Winter Share ASAP!!

In light of the beautiful chaos that is our weekly distribution, we are going to do “online” sign ups for the Winter Share for current CSA members. (Sorry–if you are a newbie, we need you to come down to distribution. Email to set up a good time.) If you want to get in on the Winter Share…

  • Check out the prices & whatnot on the info post;  Winter Share On Sale NOW
  • Pick your poison (all the various “combos” are listed at the bottom of the above linked post)
  • Send us an email (subject. BUYING WINTER SHARE) with your share name, list of all share members, share members emails, purchase, & total cost.
  • We will respond with an email receipt confirming order and $$.
  • You will then put a check in the mail or drop it off to Ryan, Yolim, or Esther at a distribution.
  • BE AWARE! All Winter Share families will be responsible for 1 VOLUNTEER SHIFT. Choices will be between a Distribution shift, a Soup Kitchen shift, or a Community shift and will be determined in November once we have an idea of the total size of the Winter Share.

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