Winter Break

pic by Matt Champlin @

Hola southsiders. Hope you are enjoying lots of fun tromping through the snow (cuz who knows when S3rd will get plowed…)

We –the 3 organizers, Yolim, Esther & Ryan– took a break after our last distribution of the 2010 Harvest season to catch our breath, relax, celebrate the holidays, cook up our seasonal faves, and get ready for the new year. Running this thing takes a lot of volunteer time and energy and we needed the 2 months off to concentrate on ourselves.

That being said, we had a great first Winter distribution and have really missed our Mondays together. What good times! Our goal is to get the blog updated this week with posts about all the fun events from the Fall.

Check back for more info about the 2011 Harvest season; Sign-ups for returning members will start in January & in March for new members.

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