Potluck Feast @ Eagle St Rooftop Farm. Oct 19, 2010

Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

Back in October Southside CSA & Eagle St CSA combined forces for a potluck dinner.

Eagle St Rooftop Farm
Dinner with a view!
The CSA potluck dinner on Eagle Street Rooftop Farms was a wonderful success.  As members from both the Southside CSA and the Eagle St CSA arrived, they set down their dishes inside and then climbed up the stairs to the roof where they were met by a breathtaking NYC sunset. We opened a bottle of wine and chatted a bit with the chickens while others continued to arrive.
Rooftop Chickens
Eagle St Veggies
By the time it was dark, our appetites called us down to dinner where we filled our plates with delicious local veggie dishes that everyone prepared. There were so many gorgeous dishes to enjoy! Gorgonzola and apple risotto, butternut squash ravioli with hazelnuts and kale, homemade sauerkraut, tabouli, roasted root veggies, quinoa salad, hot-out-of-the-oven apple crisp and cherry turnovers just to name a few!
Homemade Ravioli
It was so nice to get to know other members of the Southside CSA and a wonderful way to learn a bit about the Eagle Street CSA. A big thanks to Annie Novak for welcoming us all up to the roof and to Lis Timpone for organizing the event. Perhaps we can do it again in the upcoming year!
Potluck dining was never finer!

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