Treehaus Pie Social. October 9, 2010

My Oh My...Pie! Pie! Pie!
The Treehaus invited Southside CSA members to join in their 2nd annual Pie Social. The evening was a smashing success.
Over 40 pies were entered in the competition and subsequently devoured by a very happy mob. Fellow Southside CSA-ers Emmett Moeller and Gina Kathleen took home the prizes. Emmett scored the “Most Delicious” prize for a hazelnut-crusted brussel sprout & spinach pie. Gina earned the “Failure Pie” award for her cake!  “Most Beautiful” went to Cy Admunson & Caitlyn Bogard’s Key Lime Pie & Shannon Camperson earned the “Most Inventive” award for a Chai Custard Pie. Treehaus wants to thank everyone who came out and hopes everyone else will join in the fun next year!
Butternut Squash & Goat Cheese Pie by Carly Liebman
Pizza Pie by Grayson Earle


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