Benefit Show & Bake Sale. Nov 6, 2010

Southside CSA Bake Sale

A bunch of our members got together to organize a show & bake sale at the Woods.

Apocalypse Five and Dime rocks the house

It was one of the coldest nights of the year but we rocked the house with a serious dance party, sweet treats, and fun. Big thanks to the Woods (who kicked us a serious donation), Apocalypse Five and Dime for playing, Nancy, Julie, and Phil for organizing the whole she-bang,  and everyone who braved the cold for a dance party, baked, bought food, and donated $$. Thanks to you guys, we were able to buy some Winter Shares for the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen. Here’s to getting local food into local soup kitchens, Yeah yeah yeah!

Debut of Southside CSA swag
Apocalypse Five and Dime

2 thoughts on “Benefit Show & Bake Sale. Nov 6, 2010

  1. Hi Southside CSA,

    Is there a mailing list I can be put on to be notified of 2011 Share signups? Two friends and I just moved ot the neighborhood, and we’d be happy to have the opportunity to join your CSA.

    Ned S.

    1. email asked to be added to interested mailing list. or sign up for this blog, which would be updated probably first with updates. sign ups for returning members will start sometime soon. new members will come round March.

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