Northside Witches Walk. Oct 31, 2010

NY Apples are the best way to celebrate any holiday

Southside CSA joined the Northside Merchant Association in celebrating Halloween by hosting a Fishing for Apples booth at the Williamsburg Witches Walk & halloween parade.

Fishing for (Local) Apples

Yolim's spaceship jack-o-lantern

The Northside Merchant Association hosted this year’s celebration of Halloween in Williamsburg. N6th was closed off between Berry & Wythe for a grand old street fair. The Southside CSA hosted a Fishing for Apples booth with all of our amazing local apples. We also handed out some sweet treats! It was a great event and we were stoked to participate. A big thanks to Caitlin from Northside for putting it all together and to our CSA volunteers who braved the chill to help the kiddies fish for apples!

Burrrrrrritos! A chill wind was blowing through Williamsburg on Halloween

Cat Liter Cake. The creepiest apple crumb cake ever!

Working out the kinks...While clearly more sanitary, fishing for apples is logistically more difficult than the traditional bobbing for apples "game". Luckily we are a pretty creative crew!

Good times with Apples!

Apples! Apples! Apples!

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