Eat Pie & Support Growing Chefs

Yolim's Berry Pie & American Apple Pie. July 4th, 2010

Sunday is National Pie Day, a holiday we have been celebrating in our house for a few years now. I run with a food-loving crowd and have had the pleasure of attending some amazing pie day parties and potlucks. This year we are taking it to a new level — entering the Fourth Annual Brooklyn Pie Contest. Our pie mania is getting competitive… Continue reading

Field Trip to MimoMex Farm. Oct 24, 2010


Southside CSA gathers at MimoMex Farm

On one of the last weekends in October we rallied to Goshen, NY to check out MimoMex Farm and hang with Martin, Gaudencia, & the whole Rodriguez clan. One of the best reasons to be in a CSA is this direct relationship you can have with the land that produces the food that nourishes your body. Seeing the farm and digging in the dirt always heightens that connection…

Fields of Goshen

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Happy New Year! Stay tuned for 2011 Sign-Ups…

Sign up for MimoMex Egg share. Rolling admissions for monthly distributions.

Hope 2011 is treating you swell. It has been a great winter so far for the Southside CSA. Continue reading