Eat Pie & Support Growing Chefs

Yolim's Berry Pie & American Apple Pie. July 4th, 2010

Sunday is National Pie Day, a holiday we have been celebrating in our house for a few years now. I run with a food-loving crowd and have had the pleasure of attending some amazing pie day parties and potlucks. This year we are taking it to a new level — entering the Fourth Annual Brooklyn Pie Contest. Our pie mania is getting competitive…

Pie Alley, a Thanksgiving tradition. Nov 2010

I have never attended this event before, but it looks like a good time. This year the $$ raised will be donated to a fantastic neighborhood project,  Growing Chefs –a field-to-fork educational program started by Annie Novak of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm. Annie teaches the children of NYC about where food comes from and how to cook tasty, nutritious meals, demonstrates through her rooftop farm that growing food is very possible in our urban neighborhoods.

4th Annual Brooklyn Pie Contest


  • You must make the pie crust yourself, FROM SCRATCH!
  • Pizza pies do not count. We love them, but it’s not the same thing at all… Sorry! No pizza.
  • The first 50 pies in attendance will be judged. All pies after are welcome to be shared with the crowd, but they will not be tasted by the judges. Get there right on time if you want to get in on the competition.
  • Please, only one entry per person so that everyone can play!
  • If you bring a pie, you get in free. Your friends will be asked for $10, though and if you plan on eating a bunch feel free to toss a couple bucks in the donation jar for Growing Chefs. It’s not required, but we’d give you a great big hug if you did.

To repeat: Bring your pie to The Bedford at 5:30. The first 50 pies in the door will be judged so get there on time! Any pies after 50 can be shared with the crowd, but they will not be judged. Please don’t get mad if you are the 51st pie through the door. We don’t want to make the judges ill.

We have lined up some great judges: pastry chefs from Momofuku Milk Bar, Four & Twenty Blackbirds, Baked and The Bedford!. Many great businesses in NYC like Babycakes, Whisk, Baked, the Bedford and more will be donating prizes for the following awards: Best Overall Savory, 2nd Place Savory, Best Overall Sweet, 2nd Place Sweet.

Savory will be judged first, sweet pies following.

Admission is $10 for all you can eat pie. Once the pies are judged, they are up for grabs. Pie eating will commence at around 7.

The Bedford will have great drink specials (their cocktails RULE!)at the back bar and they have wonderful food in the dining room up front, so relax! It won’t be as crowded this year and theres a whole extra bar to go to if you want a break from PIE MANIA!

time to get your pie baking on!

Update from organizers…

Hello Friends, Pie-Lovers, Supporters of the Local Food Movement!

I just wanted to reach out to all of you before the big event to reiterate a few details.

We’ve gotten a great response to the event and expect a huge turn out. The back bar where the event is being held will likely fill up fast, but in anticipation of this we’ve made a few preparations to help keep everything fun and pie-filled for everyone.

The front bar at The Bedford will be available to attendees to drink at and order food get a breather from the festivities in the back. Try some of their cocktails or sample their awesome wine selection!

As a reminder, the first 50 pies will be judged and will gain free admission, please only one pie per attendee. Doors open at 5:30. Any pies after the 50th can be shared immediately with the crowd (and will be tasted and voted on by attendees) but we are requesting half price admission for late pie arrivals. It IS a fundraiser after all!

Looking forward to seeing many of you on Sunday! Happy Baking!


Yeah Pie!

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