Field Trip to MimoMex Farm. Oct 24, 2010


Southside CSA gathers at MimoMex Farm

On one of the last weekends in October we rallied to Goshen, NY to check out MimoMex Farm and hang with Martin, Gaudencia, & the whole Rodriguez clan. One of the best reasons to be in a CSA is this direct relationship you can have with the land that produces the food that nourishes your body. Seeing the farm and digging in the dirt always heightens that connection…

Fields of Goshen

Good times in the mega-van!

It was a nice, crisp Fall day out in Black Dirt country. About 50 of us gathered at the farm for a day in the country touring MimoMex Farm. We started the day with fresh pressed apple cider and apple pie. After knoshing, we checked out all the MimoMex fowl and then had a giant potluck lunch. Gaudencia rocked the kitchen, serving up tamales, beans, and guacamole that rocked the house. The rest of us brought some tasty treats made from our MimoMex shares. The result of which was a seriously yummy feast! After munching, we went out to the fields and harvested potatoes, carrots, and lemongrass.


the MimoMex duck go for a swim


Rodriguez farmhouse

badass new MimoMex tractor

Fun with fowl

the chicken yard

free-range feasting

farm fresh eggies

Dividing into groups for fieldwork

Heading into the fileds...

Martin shows Yo some farm stuff

digging for potatoes

digging for potatoes

digging for potatoes

digging for potatoes

the black dirt of Goshenfun on the farm

potato harvest!

MimoMex carrots

tools of the trade

bunching carrots for Southside CSA share

aftermath of our amazing potluck lunch

We had such an amazing day at the farm! Big thanks to Tracy and Jackie for organizing the trip, Gaudencia for making us such a delicious spread of food, the Rodriguez kids for being such fun hosts, and Martin for spending the day showing us around. We are so grateful to be partnered with such a fabulous farm!

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  1. 2005? Feels like just a couple of months ago! Time flies when you’re farming.

    • ha! whoops! what a typo. been having problems galore with this post. first wrote it and then forgot to post it. couldnt figure out why it wasnt on the page and then realized that it hadnt been published. do’oh. anyways, thanks for the checkity check. date has been corrected!

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