Get Your Maple Order in now

Circle C Maple Syrup

Southside CSA has the connect to one of the Northeast’s best local products–

Maple Syrup!

Order your share now of locally produced maple syrup.

This liquid gold comes in a variety of sizes:

Pancakes & Circle C Maple Syrup
  • Gallon — $50 —SOLD OUT — Sorry. Only early birds can get in on these beautiful big jugs.
  • Quart — $20 — Perfect accessory for every Brooklyn kitchen. Buy in bulk. 4 quarts for $70
  • Pint — $12 — The essential ingredient in the perfect size for all your baking projects. Buy in bulk. 4 pints for $40
  • 1/2 pint — $7 — Gift size. Give local, these lil’ guys are the best present for all the foodies in your life.

Email to place your order.

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