Week #2 – May 9 [Berry & Maple Syrup]

This week we each got 2 1/2 pounds of asparagus for our Berry Share.

Asparagus thrives in warm weather and can grow 6 inches easy in 80 degree weather. However, they don’t grow at all when it is 40 degrees. it has been cool up in Red Hook and therefore there was less asparagus to harvest. The strawberries are blooming; it takes strawberries about 3 weeks to go from bloom to harvest so Norman is hoping that the weather cooperates and we go smoothly from asparagus to strawberries in a few distributions.

This week was also our Maple Share distribution. It was a great year up at Circle C and they harvested a lot of delicious syrup. So glad they decided to share it with Southside CSA! Can’t wait to start hearing all the yummy was you guys are using up your maple syrup. If you didnt order maple syrup, have no fear, there will be a few more chances to purchase some of the golden elixir. Stay tuned for details!

Circle C Farms & Southside CSA!

Yeah yeah yeah! Once a year we are joined by the ever-amazing Cicero family, the fine folks behind our Maple Syrup. I am gonna out myself as a Californian, far more used to citrus at farmers markets than maple syrup. I was  convinced that for years that I hated maple syrup, turning my nose up to maple syrup, slathering blueberry  or other fruity syrups or jams on my pancakes.  When Yolim bought 4 quarts last year I wasn’t planning on helping him tackle much of it. Little did I know how amazing real maple syrup is! Not only is it a standard on our breakfast table, but we bake and cook with it. Nowadays I proudly love maple syrup, never to be confused with that fake corn syrup stuff!

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