Week #4 – May 23 [Berry]

Peru may dominate the global asparagus industry, but in the backyard of the Woods, its all about our local haul from Greig Farm. [Feel like some deep thoughts about farm bills, industrial ag, and globalization, check out the article; Asparagus farmers lose to Peruvians]

This week’s Berry Share

  • approx 2 lbs of freshly harvested asparagus

Distribution couldn’t come fast enough as we had finished off our asparagus with a pizza on Friday night. Good grief, it is so nice to be eating fresh veg again. (Can’t wait for the MimoMex harvest to start rolling in 3 weeks…) A weekend of craving the grass has left us very excited to dig into the share this week. Really want a sunny day or two to grace our region so next Monday’s share can be a big one…

SCORE! We were joined again by the amazing peeps from Eagle Street Rooftop Farm. They had 2 green mixes, radishes, and herb bouquets for sale. We couldn’t stop chomping on their spicy greens.   These are some of the freshest, most gourmet greens around. FYI. If you didn’t make it to the Woods yesterday to get some, you can go up on the roof for a night harvest/market TONIGHT. 

Rooftop radishes

Southside CSA chilling in the backyard at the Woods

homemade granola by rich!

Rich sold out of his homemade granola pretty quick and the discussion turned from asparagus tips to musings for a sunny day. Be sure to join us next Monday [Yup, we will be here Memorial Day (and on July 4th & Labor Day).  As Norman would say, “we don’t know nothing about holidays on a farm”] for some tacos, asparagus, community conversation, and more…

Best taco stand in the hood!
Grab a beer and gab with friends or get some quiet time in the backyard w/ Southside CSA
beautiful lily

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