Asparagus Tartare

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Week #2 – May 9 [Berry & Maple Syrup]

This week we each got 2 1/2 pounds of asparagus for our Berry Share.

Asparagus thrives in warm weather and can grow 6 inches easy in 80 degree weather. However, they don’t grow at all when it is 40 degrees. it has been cool up in Red Hook and therefore there was less asparagus to harvest. The strawberries are blooming; it takes strawberries about 3 weeks to go from bloom to harvest so Norman is hoping that the weather cooperates and we go smoothly from asparagus to strawberries in a few distributions.

This week was also our Maple Share distribution. It was a great year up at Circle C and they harvested a lot of delicious syrup. So glad they decided to share it with Southside CSA! Can’t wait to start hearing all the yummy was you guys are using up your maple syrup. If you didnt order maple syrup, have no fear, there will be a few more chances to purchase some of the golden elixir. Stay tuned for details! Continue reading

What’s Cooking with Asparagus?

Berry Share!

Right now at least 60 kitchens in Brooklyn are rocking out some serious asparagus thanks to our fab berry share. Here are some fun recipes and pictures our members have been sharing with us.

Roasted Asparagus Salad

by Kirsten O.

An easy way to prepare the vegetable, roasted asparagus is a delightful treat. Dusted with some salt & pepper, squirted with a little lemon juice, roasted with other vegetables (like peppers or mushrooms),  or topped with cheeses or butter, roasted asparagus can work as a simple side or the main course.

Pickled asparagus. Raw fermented asps!! by rich a.

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Week #1 – May 2 [Berry]

World's Greatest Asparagus! Fresh from Red Hook, NY

What a perfect day to kick off our 3rd year and the first distribution of the 2011 harvest season! Week 1 of our 28 week harvest season was nothing less than fabulous.  It was great to see so many familiar faces, especially our “regular” bartender Sally, the guys from the Woods, and Alejandro from the Taco Stand.

new covered courtyard

Southside CSA is back at the Woods, super-stoked about the covered courtyard that will protect our backyard distributions from the rain. More than ever, we are so thankful for the support the Woods gives our CSA and the local food movement, sharing their amazing space with us and our farmers.

This week’s Berry share was 4 lbs of Asparagus. This asparagus is absolutely divine, totally sweet and tasty enough for a lot of members to just start chomping away on the raw stalks. Let me tell you, not much can beat a Woods burrito paired with a raw asparagus “salad”. Yummers!


If you want to get your hands on some of this outrageous local food asap, don’t despair because you can still sign up for the Berry Share!

Email for details

You know you want to get your own bucket of farm fresh asparagus!

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A few shares left…

There is still time to get in on the Southside CSA 2011 season.

We have one share still for sale:

  • 1 Full Veg share . $440 + admin fee.
  • It is possible to add Full Egg for another $110

Read all the info on the blog about volunteer commitment (under the Community tab) and come to the Woods on Mondays during our distribution (630-830pm) to sign up. First come, first served. any questions that cant be answered by the copious amount of info on the blog. email: