Member Diary #8: Georgie

The share- leeks, basil, spinach, swiss chard, epazote, lettuce, beets, garlic & a dozen eggs.

Hello! I have the full monty share and use it to cook for two people. I cook a lot and am always very inspired by making up dishes depending on what is in the share week to week- it keeps you nice and limber in the kitchen. In the summer I tend to make a lot of super light, quick dishes that are mainly vegetarian- the produce is so tasty that simple preparation is really all you need. Here are a bunch of simple and delicious ways I cook with my CSA food. Continue reading

Week # 8 – June 20 [Bweek]

Stella, our Southside CSA mascot

Our first B week was great! Super-cool to finally see everyone. Looking forward to a summer of swapping recipes in the backyard over tacos and frozen margaritas…

Martin unloading our share under the shadow of Domino

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Garlic Scape Portraits

Emily & Stephen were busy volunteers last week, checking in all you veg-heads. In addition to their great list and pic skills, they convinced a bunch of people to have some fun with food. Enjoy the Southside CSA Garlic Scapes Portrait gallery! Continue reading

Member Diary #7: Stone Soup

On Tuesday night, Brian and Lorah, our CSA share family partners invited another couple to join us for a 6 person meal/FEAST based on what we received in our bag from our first week of veggies!

We started with a base of lentils and quinoa, for our protein—we’re all vegetarians! Then we added in the wonderful veggies to make every bite colorful and full of flavor. We added the leeks to the lentils, and made a delicious fresh salad out of quinoa, using our farm fresh spinach, strawberries, cilantro, and onion! We also supplemented fresh peppers, toasted pine nuts and walnuts, and feta. Continue reading

Week #7 – June 13 [A Week]


Week 1 of the MimoMex vegetable & egg shares. Strawberries & snap peas in the Greig Berry Share! Our inaugural meat share! Plus visits from baby goats & Eagle St Rooftop farm. Good times as we enjoyed a great Monday night in the backyard at the Woods.

Meat Share by Northwind farms

Check out the booty from this week: Continue reading

Member Diary #6: Danielle

We were delighted to find that the berry pick up this week was full of bright red, scrumptious little strawberries. Right away my wheels were turning with thoughts of what I might do  with them. I’m a pretty strict vegetarian (often vegan).  I recently convinced my boyfriend to try my eating lifestyle for 2 weeks even though he is about as carnivorous as you can get (we have the head of a boar that he shot and killed hanging in our office, enough said). Needless to say, those 2 weeks are up and he LOVED every moment of it and doesn’t see an end in sight… It’s such a silly assumption that meat makes a meal, as you’ll see below, strawberries and quinoa can fill you right up! Plus its meal packed full of Vit C, protein, iron and minerals! I decided to make Strawberry Banana Quinoa Muffins.  Continue reading

Week #6 – June 6 [Berry]

This week’s distribution was a celebration of the start of strawberry season, one of the sweetest times of year. In addition, we had a visit from baby Stella. Strawberries and baby goats, could it get any cooler? Oh yeah, Eagle St Rooftop farm was in the house, selling kale, greens, & bunches of thyme.

Greig Farm Berry Share

  • approx 4 lbs of fresh picked strawberries

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Week #5 – May 30 [Berry]

We went camping for the holiday weekend and had to hustle to return the rental and make it back to the Woods in time for distribution. Therefore, no pics because the camera was somewhere in the pile of tents & gear.

Hope you had a good one filled with lots of grilled asparagus!


Backyard was packed with people enjoying a holiday drink & taco. It was another great distribution with a super-yummy bucket of asparagus. Not sure of the poundage but it was a couple. (Those that actually picked up got a sneak peek of the strawberry harvest. STRAWBERRIES!) Eagle Street Rooftop farm was in the house with their greens, arugula, chives, & sage. So delish!