¿qué es esto? PAPALO

the mystery herb

New members have been a little confused with some of the herbs coming from MimoMex. Mexican specialty herbs like epazote, quelite, and papalo are key ingredients in some of the most delicious cuisine from Latin America and a bonus to Southside CSA shares. Not a typical part of most CSA shares, we are lucky to be partnered with MimoMex Farm and recieving these uncommon, gourmet herbs. Those familiar with papalo know it is easy to make impressive meals with the herb. It has a pungent, citrusy taste, often likened to arugula, cilantro, and rue. This distinctively tangy herb is usually used raw as part of a dish and not served solo, mostly since it looses most of its flavor if cooked. In Mexico, it is typically eaten raw on cemitas – central Mexico’s version of the hero sandwich – and is commonly found diced in salsas, guacamole, and salads. In Latin American cooking, it is used fresh to season soups and stews, grilled meats, beans and salads.

Check out a past post on Papalo; Below are some common uses for the herb and more yummy recipes

pic by brooklyntheborough @flickr.com

In Guacamole & Salsa

pic by Jeffrey Tastes @flickr.com

On sandwiches. Below are recipes for the Mexican sandwich, cemita, which calls for papalo. Kick your “American” sandwich staples, like egg & tuna salad, up a notch with the addition of papalo.

pic by ext212 @flickr.com

As a garnish. Used as the main flavor of the soup or as a garnish, papalo makes your soups stand out.

papalo ceviche. pic by missginsu @ flickr.com

In salads. Papalo adds a flavor boost to any salad.

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