MimoMex Farm. June 2011

A few Just Food staff had the chance to go out to Orange County a couple of weeks ago and visited our fab farmers, Martin and Gaudencia. They have shared some of the pictures that they took that day.  MimoMex is looking amazing! Alright people, who is ready to help organize a trip/workday out at the farm some Sunday in August….

Martin Rodriguez inspects the fields at Mimomex Farm
Martin shows us the first Cayenne peppers of the season
Gaudencia and her daughter Hillary show us their beets
Basil plant
If you look close you can see a tiny yellow squash -- first fruit of the season!
Squash plants in the field
Pepper plant
Martin shows us the drip irrigation system
Farm crew hard at work weeding
Tomatillo plant
Fava Beans
A type of cilantro called "cilantro macho"
Papalo (Mexican specialty herb) with garlic plants on both sides
Green cabbage plants
purple cabbage plants
spring onions
purple sage
Just Food Farm Network Coordinator, Jess Cortes
the tractor -- purchased in 2009 with funds from Southside & Sunset Park CSAs
Hillary Rodriguez with baby chick
baby chick
the chicken flock
Martin feeding the chickens


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