Lovely Lemongrass

MimoMex provides us with an ample supply of lemongrass. At our house, the kitties cant get enough of the stuff so we gladly scoop up the extras left behind. However, we wanted to post a few uses and recipes, hopefully inspiring you to take yours home and use it. Please note, a lot of the recipes call for use of the bulb; MimoMex harvests the leaves which can easily be used in place of the bulb.

Lemongrass works great as a floral arrangement. Looks cool and the kitties love to graze on it. The grass dries out well and can be stored for later use. We snip it up with scissors and store it in a glass jar. Our kitties actually feasted on the stuff all Winter long. They adore the lemon flavor and don’t get turned off by the dry grass, gnawing on it whenever the fancy strikes them.Seems like you could get a little crafty with your lemongrass leaves…

Lemongrass works great in Thai and Indian cooking. Curries and soups become stellar creations with the addition of the herb. Like pestos, curry pastes freeze well and can be stored for use during the cold Winter months or nights when you need to cook up something tasty quick!

Lemongrass works great in the steamer. Do you steam your veggies rather than frying them in oil? Well, lemongrass is superb as a “liner” in the steamer. Last year, member Nicole shared with us her secret to line her steamer with lemongrass leaves. The leaf is very aromatic and makes clean up a snap. Line the steamer or wrap the fish/veg as you would with a banana leaf…

Lemongrass adds flavor to rice, salad, meat & dessert. Use lemongrass to boost the flavor of a meal. Most the recipes use the bulb to flavor the rice. Substituting the leaves is a simple swap for some sublime flavor in your meal.

Lemongrass is sublime as a drink. Whether in a tea, soda, or cocktail, lemongrass adds some fun flavor. Found an interesting post about the cancer-fighting properties of drinking lemongrass.

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