Member Diary #14 – Estefania, Elizabeth & Jay

Oh hello there.  So Estefania, Elizabeth, and myself all share a Full Monty Deluxe Share which included, blueberries, blackberries, nectarines, sugar plums, Swiss Chard, Beets,Romaine Lettuce, Corn, mint, white onion, leeks, summer squash, cucumber, cilantro, annnnnddd Pipicha, that herb which I can never quite pronounce the name of.  As you can see from our picture of the share, we could use a bit more counter space in our apartment, but what can you do?   I guess get more counter space… but moving right along…
Every week, as more vegetables arrive, we tend to have to take stock on what is leftover from the week before and combine/rearrange the fridge.  This week, it seemed a perfect opportunity to rearrange some of the vegetables into a much condensed and readily edible form.  KIM CHI!!  And, as somebody with little cooking experience and the inevitable urge to just, well, toss things in together, it seemed like a great idea.  So not having what appeared to be necessarily the most traditional ingredients (napa cabbage, daikon radish, etc), i pretend to be blissfully ignorant and forged ahead by ripping apart a head of cabbage and soaking it overnight in some salt water (Click on pic below to see cabbage in action… sorry if it makes you dizzy…).
The next day, I tossing some ginger in with a carrot, a radish, some green onions, and chili flakes, and bottled it up in a few jars to let sit the rest of the week to do whatever it is that it does.

We are all prety busy here with work and school and aren’t around the house much during the week, which means a lot of quick easy dinners, and alot of salads.  Here Nia took some liberties with some eggs butter and corn.  mmmmm, I had never tried that particular combination myself, but it was simple quick and delicious.

For me the quick easy dinners usually turn into a rice-n-things situation.  Or even more common than that, would be beans-n-things.  Where more often than not, the “and-things” part consists of garlic, onion,s and whatever else is within reach to chop up into a frying pan.  Here is one such dish, which we can reference for uniformities sake, as eggs-n-things.  It consists of eggs with leeks, garlic, tomatoes, potatoes, tomatillo salsa and feta cheese on top.  oh, and butter.  never forget butter.  Not exactly elegant, but well, lets call it a labor of butter love…
Elizabeth on the other hand, is a bit uhhh, whats the word… oh yea, better, at cooking things.  Here she has taken the zuchinni and made a delicious ‘galette.’  As the internet tells me, this is a french word for ’round or freeform crusty cake.’  Either way, heres the recipe which was pulled from a great food recipe blog, Smitten Kitchen
Needless to say I was more than happy when I devoured it with some tomato soup.
By now you may be wondering how that Kim Chi turned out.  I know, I know, the suspense…  Well, lets just say it turned out to be more like a pickled Cabbage-n-things, and less like the Kim Chi I’ve had at that korean bbq place down the street.  Still pretty tasty, albeit a bit salty.  Anyway, thats about all for this episode.  Cheerios, and happy eating!

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