Recipe: Red Onion Marmalade & Pickled Red Onions

Red Onions by MimoMex Farm. Marmalade by the Fox.

I was asked by a member if i had any good ideas for using up copious amounts of red onions in a jiffy. With Thanksgiving on the horizon,  I can think of no better idea than to put up a batch of marmalade or pickles. Both rock out, both are great additions to our harvest meals, and both are pretty easy cooking.

There are lots of good recipes for Red Onion Marmalade on the internet. It is a pretty basic savory jam type thing. Miss Fox made us a batch back in July for our big bbq on the 4th using a recipe from her vault of British classics. Here are a few gems i found online:

Pickled Red Onions are one of the best accoutrements to a big family style meal. Almost as necessary as gravy! They also make great additions to salads,grains, legumes, tacos, sandwiches, and for just plain snacking. They take crackers & cheese to fabulous places. Chef Ann made a big batch for one of the Soup Kitchen Supper Clubs and it was divine. Her recipe of choice is from the essential “Joy of Pickling”. (You should really own this book if you fancy pickles!) Lots of resources on the internet for pickling:

As you can see, both the marmalade and the pickle recipes can flux to your own tastes. Get creative with what you  like and what yo have stocked in your pantry. Also, they both have a refrigerated shelf life of 6 months, so neither HAS TO be canned. However, they make great gifts at winter potlucks and for the holidays so canning up a bunch is a great idea for the motivated sort.

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