Sign up for 2012 Harvest Season

Happy New Year to everyone in Brooklyn! We are looking forward to another growing season and in preparation we will be signing up members for our upcoming season starting on January 30th.

We are knee deep in preparations, organizing everything, and trying to get ready for a super year. The best way to keep in touch with us is through the Southside CSA Facebook Page. Everything is always posted there. However, if you are a facebook abstainer, sign up for our mailing list. We are infrequesnt emailers but you will get notified of any events, esp during sign-up time.

Sign ups for returning members are on Jan 30th, Feb 6th, & Feb 20th.

Sign ups for new members starts March 5th.

Greig Farm Share. Best Berries Ever! Aug 11, 2011

We are in the process of updating our blog, Right now, all the info is from 2011. Stay tuned as it is updated. More info regarding this year’s sign will be available shortly. Bring your questions about Southside CSA, our farmers–MimoMex Farm, Greig Farm, Circle C Farm, & Northwind Farm, and how our farm shares operate to the following open house [question-n-answer] events:

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