The Time to Sign Up for Farm Shares is Now!

It happens every June…

They walk into the backyard at the Woods. They see the buckets of strawberries. They see our bags of local greens. They see us picking up our farm share.

What’s this? they ask? Someone tells them, It’s the Southside CSA.

And then they remember. Oh Yeah! They have always wanted to join a CSA!

Can I Join? they ask, voice excited.

Sorry, we have to say.

Sorry, you have to sign up in the early Spring.

Sorry, we don’t have anything for sale.

Sorry, we can’t sell you any leftovers.

SorryWe can add you to our waitlist, we tell them. You will get an email next year, we say as we hand them our little flyer.

They walk away with the little slip of paper, watching our members with their bags of freshly picked local produce…

If you want these berries, these greens, these eggs, this amazing bounty of local goodness from late Spring, through the entire Summer, and deep into Fall, until Thanksgiving, then you have to SIGN UP NOW! (Don’t say we didn’t warn you…)

The time is now to dive into this blog and read how to sign up.

Read about our share packages, read about our farmers, read about our membership volunteer requirements.

Spend an hour thinking about how the Southside CSA can work for you.  Then send us an email for an appointment on Monday April 2nd. 7pm, 730pm, or 8pm. southsidecsa at gmail dot com.

This will be one of the last chances to sign up for this season’s bounty…

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