Member Diary #3B: Tamara

Hi Fellow Southside CSAers,

I’m Tamara and I split a ‘just veggie’ and an ‘empire’ share -which comes to the same thing as a Vegan’s Deluxe ,which in my mind I’ve been calling a vegan’s delight – with my boyfriend and our 17th month old son Meshak. We aren’t strictly vegans but we eat a plant based diet 6 days a week and cook most of our meals at home. We try to keep at least part of every meal raw. Usually that means we are experimenting with ‘salad’. Over the past year, we have been converting to a completely organic diet (having a kid will do that to  you). It’s a process. An important part of that was joining Southside CSA this year and we are super excited about what’s to come.

Since the season is just getting rolling our share included:

½ pound of asparagus

1 qrt of strawberries

…both of which were easily carried home on the bottom of Meshak’s stroller.

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Member Diary #3A: Jessica M.

Hi!  My name is Jessica and my boyfriend Jack & I chose the Berry Monte share with Southside CSA.  This is our first try with any CSA, ever.  We are pretty excited because our list of favorite things to do includes: Go to metal shows, be really loud, drink beer, and cook really good food with our friends.  My boyfriend is doing the whole Paleo thing right now (aka “the caveman diet”) so we were excited to get our veggie/egg/berries in surplus this summer.

When we went to pickup on Monday the 21st, it was a rainy evening; so all distribution was moved indoors.  But that didn’t mean we weren’t absolutely stoked – Strawberries!  The first of the season!

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Week #3 – May 21st [A week]

It was a grey and stormy night, but things were pretty sweet at our distribution in the shadow of the old Domino factory. Sweet as strawberries…

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Member Diary #2- 801 Driggs

We split the full monty deluxe and an extra dozen eggs between two households.

Last week, our share included eggs and asparagus. Early in the season, the size of
the share is on the smaller side – i.e., enough asparagus for two adults to eat as a
side at 2 or 3 meals.

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Member Diary #1- Laura S.

Hi! We are a family of 3 living on the Southside. This is our first year with the Southside CSA and so far we LOVE it!

We picked up asparagus from the Grieg Farm share and eggs the first week of distribution (can’t wait for the rest of the goodies to arrive in the coming weeks!).  I decided to dash home and whipped up a springtime quiche!
As a busy mom, I tend to cook for ease and swiftness, as well as do some pantry or personal herb garden shopping to round out my ingredients….thus, I used a pre-made pie crust and cut parsley from my herb garden (grown your own! it’s so cheap and easy!) which saved me the time of running to the store.

More Meat?

Want to celebrate the unofficial start of Summer with an epic Memorial Day bbq?

Kick it off right with a special order of the best local meat around. Now accepting special orders of  chicken (whole & parts), steaks and short ribs, ground beef , pork (shoulder, butt & belly), or smoked meats (franks, kielbasa & brats.)

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Week #2 – May 14th – B week

Maple Syrup in the house! Our annual maple syrup share distribution was this week. (Just in time too because we were on our last few drops of syrup from last season) It was a bit overcast, with some sprinkles of rain, but we had another smashing distribution. Great to see all of our B-weekers, the world’s cutest (and smallest) dog, and of course, our Circle C Maple farmers. It was an action packed week with us distributing 4 things: Greig Farm share, Feather Ridge Farm Egg share, Northwind Farm Meat share, & Feather Ridge Chicken share.

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